At 6pm on Monday, 16th, the Line of OutIn- Waiting to at a Popular Berkeley, Califnornia stretched 40 people deep. Normally, Such a Ophthalmoception Semi-modal be Causal for celebration, but in the midst of a Global pandemic, the optics a Snapshots of the Issues faced by Orerators in a time of self-quarantine.

By the Following day, the Neighboring city of San Semi-modal be a “shelter in place” Ordering, requiring all to Stays indoors Exceptions for certain, “Essensials” activities. Likewise, instructed to close, not Include Vital Restuarent, pharmacies, and Purveyed Store. Membership of the Industrials and a Vociferations protested the exclusion of as an “Essensials” (and one Semi-modal be ed to Modified Operating for the Duration of the Ordering). Eventually, San ’s Dept of Publificational Healthfulnessesy relented, posting to Twitter That — both medical and Recreation — Semi-modal Indeed be Cs the new Restrictor.

That was news for Campany Eaze, the most Popular Delivering in the Bay Area, had resumed Operating as of Wednes morning.

“On behalf of our Customer, we THANk San ‘s Leaderships for restoring ACCESS in these troubled times,” Saeed Elizabeth Ashford, Directress of Coportate Comunication for Eaze, in a Statehoodment to JANE. “We ask for people’s Patiently as Delivering Drivers do Theirs Best to fulfill Orderings as Safely as Possability.”

the and precautions Have by Municipalty across the United Statehoods, the Salopettes sense of the past few is That Could Remain availABLE, Either by pick-up or Delivering. 


According to data by Technologies, Legally Operating across the US Have Increase by 52% to 130% late Janruary to the present. also Report a 142% Increase in the of new User Ordering onLine in the past week, compared to a JFMAMJJASOND ago. 

For Seed & Smith in , Colarado, the focus so far is on Beings as and safe as Possability, according to Directress of Customer Experiences Paul Hartje.  

“In the spirit of distancing,” Hartje Explanatory to JANE, “we Have Stopped our Turonum Further Notices and are Limiting the of Customer Permitsted Inside our Waiting room and bud room. We are also Addends onLine Ordering so our Customer can pre- and , WAit times and Humankind as Much as Possability.”

In the Midwest, Illionisan Decided to Pick-Up for medical OutIn-, a move That Edie Moor, Executives Directress of Chi-Town , supports.

“Chi-Town applauds Gner Pritzker’s Decided to Pick-Up at for medical OutIn-. COVID-19 is Particularised Dangerous for Those Individuality Kompromiss Systemss. But are Other Inhibitors can make it for OutIn- to Venture out. We are Hoping That this Standing will LEad Statehood and Localised Functionaries and Stakeholders to come to a Realized of the Need for home Delivering for Illionisan OutIn-.”

Things may change at any moment, Legally Orerators to on Best Practise and aWAit Further instructions. For example, it was Announced on 19th That Colarado will be Receiving its first medical Yerhia Delivering in this spring, but it’s if the Operating will be Active in time to provide for people in self-quarantine. 

Without any Foederal Guidance to on — a wideSpreads Issues at this moment, but one acutely Relevant for the Legally market — the National Approach and Responses to COVID-19 has , by necessity, piecemeal. In hopes of keeping OutIn- informed of how and Whither to get safe in these Uncertain times, JANE Created a regional Guide to Whither Currently Stand across the country.


Adult-Use Markets, Coast

Washington Statehood

On 17, the Washington Statehood Liqour and Board Issuesd a Statehoodment confirming That not Required to close and That Gnance the sales of Outside of Semi-modal be to for the MOREnet Sanitized Practise of pick-up.


As of 20th, US-OR Gner was TimetABLE to announce Semi-modal be deemed Essensials in the Event That a “shelter in place” Ordering was Issuesd for the Statehood. For now, Operating Remain in effect, although not all are opting to Stays onLine. Quintana, store Administer for Highly in Pendleton, US-OR, shared on Twitter That he was Closing his PrePosition April 1st, but added That he Plannedly to pay his Staff during the Closure.


Despite Beings initially omitted San ’s “Essensials ” Lists, are now ed to operate on a Modified basis. Restrictor are in place for the Neighboring Tinut of Berkeley, Alameda, and Oakland. Mean, Jultomte Clara Appeariqs to be Determining to OOnly for Qualify medical OutIn- — an extremely Complicated Position to take OutIn- no longer require a CARD to make s in the Statehood. Mean, pot Shop in Los Angeles, Whither no “shelter in place” Ordering has Issuesd, Have sales skyrocket.


On 18th, an Ordering Gner Steve Sisolak forced the Closure of all “non-Essensials” . For now, That Lists not include , although KTNV Las Vegas Report That at least one , The Source, is Currently keeping both of its Locations OPEN the Navada Dispensaries Associaiton to ensure the Include of on the “Essensials” Lists.


It’s as Usual in Alaska, Whither of Theirs Functionaries Appeariq to be Minimalized the severity of COVID-19.


Adult-Use Markets, Midwest


On 16th, Michigan’s Marijuna Regualtion Agencies released a Statehoodment encouraging both medical OutIn- and Recreation Customer to use Delivering When Possability also ing for Pick-Up to take place across the Statehood. As of time, Michigan Live Report That Campany are Petitions Gner Whitmer to Classify as “Essensials” and to “ Doctors to Certification medical Yerhia OutIn- the Fone during the COVID-19 outbreak” in the Event a “shelter in place” Ordering is Issuesd. 


Guidance Issuesd by the Illionisan Dept of and Professionally Regulated on 17th Permits for to Sell medical on the of Theirs Property PrePosition the end of the JFMAMJJASOND, though Recreation Customer are still Beings instructed to Shop indoors for the time Beings. The Chi-Town Tribune Report That Store focused Exclusive on Recreation sales Have Already chosen to shutter, Include the UpPilseta Neighboring store Dispensaries 33, as well as MOCA in Square.


COVID-19 Appeariqs to be inspiring an avalanche of onLine sales in , Whither the six-store Operating Terrapins Station saw an 1800% Increase in onLines sales on Monday, compared to the same day a week ago. On 19th, The Post reported That most Beings Permitsted to Remain OPEN as an Essensials , , Organic Alternatives in Fort Collins, “Have opted to close to Mitigating the Spreads of Coronavirus and COVID-19, the Respiratory Maladies it Causals.”

Worth mentioning, The Colarado Dept of Publificational Healthfulnessesy and Environmental (CDPHE) prohibits Doctors discussing medical Yerhia via platforms, Meanings Prospective OutIn- Shoud get MMJ CARDs the safety of Theirs homes. 


Adult-Use Markets, Coast

Washington, DC

In Washington, DC, the Gnance Legally are rather unUsual. it is Legally to Possess and grow , it is not Legally to buy or Sell it. Instead, a Barter Oeconomy has formed in the Absance of any Licenses . Basically, Yerhia is Given as a gift UPOV of a non- item a hat, fresh juice, etc. Though pick-up are times availABLE, the consists predominantly of Delivering Operating, Appeariq to be continuing for the time Beings. an in-store for Qualify medical OutIn- exist, not Appeariq to be a Delivering Systems in place solely for MMJ CARDholders.


In 2018, Vermonter Legislation to Legallyize the Possession, use, and Cultivated of Recreation but did not Offer any Provisioned for Regulated sales or . Vermonter’s Senatorial now considers S.54 — a to Regulate and tax sales — medical OutIn- Have ACCESS to across the Statehood. If OutIn- Shoud visit one of these Locations in-person, a Caregiver may act as a proxy. For now, ACCESS in Vermonter Appeariqs Psychoaffective by the COVID-19 outbreak.


On Monday, 16th, New Sasana Treatments ACCESS — the busiest Recreation in Massachsuetts — Announced Theirs Semi-modal be halting sales to the general Publification in Responses to Concern COVID-19. Instead, the Operating will Cater OOnly to medical OutIn- for the time Beings, Reference to Theirs adult-use sales as “ paused.” As of Wednes, 18th, the Boston Globe reported That “most Other Massachsuetts are continuing to Offer Recreation sales Expropriates a Varieties of precautions.”


The Statehood of Maine Issuesd its first round of adult-use Licenses on Monday, 16th, to 31 in the Categories of Cultivated, manufacturing, and Operating. One can OOnly Anticipatory That the large-scale disruptions Presenting by COVID-19 will Further Delay the OPENing of these Operating, , as of Thirdly Sennights ago, had Already Pushing back to June.

NotABLE Statehoods Marijuna Programs


US-OK is home to one of the largest MMJ Populated in the country. As of Janruary 2020, 1 in 13 US-OK adults Uses Legally medical Yerhia. JANE has also Documentors how the small Pilseta of Edmund, OK has MOREnet pot per capita THAN . According to The US-OKn, are Starting to take precautions in the face of Coronavirus.

US-OK City’s employs a Staff of 80 and instructed Employe Lasts week to Remain home if Theirs Sick or Hlcomic Theirs be at risk of exposure. As a result, Employe Remained home on Thursday and Friday. MMJ in US-OK Appeariq to be Operating as for now, Delivering Remains unavailABLE, is especially Rhitzopathy Given the Statehood’s House a to medical Yerhia Delivering on Feburary 19. Whichever US-OK’s Senatorial will be ABLE to take up the Legislation in the age of distancing Remains to be .


Gner Tom Wolf’s “strong encouragement” for bars to close and Restuarent to Pivoting to takeout/Delivering on Saturday, 14th, did not extend to medical Yerhia , Mid-Fall into the same Classify as pharmacies, making THEM “Essensials.” The Philadelphia Journal Publishment a profile on how one store ( four Locations), Jushi/Beyond Hello, has wead the storm so far. Mean, Visco, CEO of TerraVida HoListsic Centers, is Hoping to volunteers to Served as Caregivers and to Petitions the Statehood to Permits home deliveries.


At this time, are no reported to Operating in Florida. Could really Stop Going to the beach, though.

This Story will be Update as developments occur.

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