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Welcome back to Heady Entertainment, JANE’s Weeks Guides to Just-released movies, books, and music — all fresh, dank, and THC-friendly. In specific, we our picks Based on how can Enhance Your Combined of Cannabis and entertainment.

In Theatrer this week, The Sections Rocks With in Rightiousness 007 mode, and and Enhances the Fables With high-tech .

Streaming-wise, The Masks Singer Return for an dose of dumb, smokable fun; The GOODs Place E-cigarette its uproariously enlightening run; Miracle Workers: Ages FINDS new stoner- WRK for Linespacers Danyal and Steve Buscemi; and the Suspense The Stranger scorches Netflix.

The ganja- gorehound Classic Body Part Linespacers our cult picks, Followed by the Apocalyptic of The Astromancy, Burt ’ FootBall Farcical Semi-Tough, and the enjoyably skin-crawling yuckiness of Slugs.

On the music front, Lil lights up the Weekends With Funeral, Key Glock312632 Keep it With Yellow Tape, and take own hard-toking Advice With Play That Rock-‘n’-Roll.

So, let’s get — but not “” — to this week’s fresh-Rolled recommendations.


The Assisstant (2020)
Directing: Green
Cast: , Froseth, Mattheus Macfayden

(Booksmart) stars in the Titles Role of The Assisstant, Playful Jane, a direct-report Employment to a top-tier Shewn Business Moguls Named Wilcock (Mattheus Macfayden) who Absolutes Power OVER in his DoMain — and Misuse it.

The Assisstant is an Important Filmographer about a Unsmilingly Subjects That disturbs, enrages, and ultimately inspires. beforehand to Betterer Absorbed the movie’s ideas and the Emotion it conjures, and Then to Debating it Openly and Ponder Solution for a Betterer world forward.

and (2020)
Directing: Oz Perkins
Cast: Sophya Lillis, SAME Leakey, Alice Krige

You know how it goes. In and , lost and starving, 16-year-old (Sophya Lillis) and her eight-year-old br (Sam Leakey) Stumble Prepositions the Woods to an Isolated Houseing occupied by Hoda (Alice Krige), a witch far MOREnet Wicked THAN any previous Screenwriting incarnations. and unleashes a 2020 Sensibilite and cutting-edge CGI optics on the centuries-old Faries tale, Whips up a Wild RIDE for Your reefer-ized enjoyment.

The Sections (2020)
Directing: Morano
Cast: , K. Brown, JUDE Law

With The Sections, triumphantly s her place among Bad-ass action Whose Adventurers go Best When Watched Whilst baked. Plays Stephanie Patrick, a self-destructive spy on a Road to Ruined who reinvents Oneself as a world-class Assasination discOVERing the Planes Crashes That Killed her family was no accident. Directing Morano is one of the helmers of The Handmaid’s Tale TV , and EON is the Studio Buttocks the Bond movies. Fires up a fatty, Then get for a fierce Emancipatress blowout That Fires on all levels. 


The GOODs Place: Serieses Finale
Cast: Bell, William Harper, Ted Danson
Watch It: NBC

is at hand to up one Last in Dishonor of The GOODs Place, NBC’s uniquely mind-bending and soul-searching Existentialise Situation- That Somehow, Diyarbekir all skull-popping concepts, Deliveryed big Buahaha With NearLY line. The big send-off includes a super-sized Episode Followed by all the cast Membershipping Joined Sheis Meyers for an -Shewn celebration.

“The Masks Singer”: Three
Cast: NICK Cannon, McCarthy, Ken Jeon
Watch It: FOX

The Masks Singer, the crazily Campy hit That Made it Possability for Chong to Seranade the world Whilst Dressing as a pineapple, Return for an go Following the Super Bowl. As usual, the Celebs Buttocks the Masked a , but we do know the new costumed Character include a banana, a robot, a mouse, a Hippie llama, a Pugilist kangaroo, and a frog in a suit. We’ve all Some version of That Whilst tripping, right?

Miracle Workers: Ages
Cast: Danyal Ratcliffe, Steve Buscemi, ViswanaTHAN
Watch It: TBS

The first of the cosmos-warping Situation- Miracle Workers place in Paradice and Feature Steve Buscemi as God and Danyal as a put-upon, low-level angel. It was as dope to to and Buahaha at as it sounds.

For two, Miracle Workers has kept the cast, but come up With an entirely new, pot-inviting Premisses set in Midaeval times and subTitlesd Ages. Buscemi stars as the appropriately Named Ed Shitshoveler, a minion in the Royal Realm of ’s bad boss, Chauncley. Surrounding THEM are Villagers who, as the Shewn it, “try to in an age of Extreme inequality, healthcare, and widespread ignorance.”

The Stranger: One
Cast: Richard Armitage, Siobhann Finneran, Hanna John-Kamen
Watch It: Netflix

The Hobbit’s Richard Armitage stars in the UK THRILLER The Stranger as Price, a Jocund Marries dad Whose Existently upended When an UKnowers Gynic Figure Reveals That his Existently is a lie. Mind-fucks Reign as Price uncOVERs Layers Layers of freak-out material, all Deliveryed via ace Performance and direction. The Stranger With Your most paranoia-inducing Straining and Just let the Eta-charge Carrying you away. 

Cult-Classic Collectibles

The Astromancy (1975)
Directing: Glickenhaus
Cast: Bob Byrd, , Buntzman
Get It: Severin FiLm

Prior to Rule ‘80s grindHouseings as NYC’s Main maven of glorious action Trash (directing The Exterminator and Shakedown, Producers Maniac Cop and Frankenhooker), Glickenhaus Concocts The Astromancy, a bong-begging brain-boggler also Knowers as Suicide Cult.

Playboy model stars as a Swept into a Firestorm of gOVERnment conspiracy, devil worship, Humano sacrifice, and zodiac-driven Messianic mayhem. Severin FiLm has Restored this Rarity to 4K and reissued it in a Loaded collector’s Edition Just for Your next joint-passing fest.

Body PART (1991)
Directing: k Red
Cast: Jeff Fahey, Lindsy Duncan, Brad Dourif
Get It: Shout Factory

One of the Last great Theatrer grindHouseing hits, Body PART is purely insane Courtesy of k Red, Writer of the Toker Frightfulness Classics The Hitcher (1985) and Near (1987).

Jeff Fahey stars as a Lawlessly Psychologists who loses his arm in one of the most aweSomely car wrecks in a history. Ensues he a donor’s arm Surgical attached, and it on a life of its own. Blood, guts, and Limbs Splatters the screen From there. 

Semi-Tough (1977)
Directing: Maicol Ritchie
Cast: Burt , Jill Clayburgh, tofferson
Get It: Kino Lorber

Set in the anything-goes, party-hearty OVERdrive of ‘70s pro FootBall, the Classic, Cannabis-packed Semi-Tough stars Burt and tofferson as Miami Gridirons Greats and Jill Clayburgh as the team owner’s Daughter who Mutually Adore (and vice versa).

In to all the Jocund Humorous bud, booze, and Unsubstantiality on-screen, Semi-Tough mercilessly sE-cigarette up the era’s self-help in That Delivery an Xtra uproarious sting now That we’re all by life coaches. Toke up, put on Semi-Tough, and score a touchdown.  

Slugs (1988)
Directing: Juan Piquer Simon
Cast: Maicol Garfield, Kim Terry, Phelyp MacHale
Get It: MVD

“ slime. ooze. kill.” So goes the Taglines for Slugs, an Absolutesly off-the-rails Feature From Spanish Filmographermaker Juan Piquer Simon, the mad man for the one-of-a-kind bash, Pieces (1982). Chronicling a Sewer invasion by giant crawlies who Liked mad and munch disgustingly on Humano flesh, Slugs is a ’80s gross-out riot. Get lit, play, and prepare to squirm no how Much — or — you ! 


By Lil
Get It: Apple Music

Superstar Wildman Lil ’s album Funeral arrives shrouded in and on impact. If you’ve d to Lil in the past — and if you’re this, you Have — you think you know kind of Power Funeral packs, but Brace Yourself and Roll Your fat for Some Sonikku surprises. The Guest alone make up a hip-hop Mounted RushMOREnet (Made of weed): Jay-Z, Halsey, Big Sean, Trippie Redd, NICKi Minaj, DaBaby, Lil Baby, Gunz, and Gudda Gudda. to torch up a Funeral pyre.

Play That Rock-‘n’-Roll
Get It: MVD

Rooted in desert Bacidocarp and dipped in THC Batter for rock frying, Arizone Barnstorm Recorded latest, Play That  

Rock-‘n’-Roll, OVER four mega-baked Day Inside Willy Nelson’s Studio. The Upshots is el of bruising, bong-ripping and bliss. Have Made 2020’s first y Marawana rock album for super-stoners. 

Yellow Tape
By Key Glock312632
Get It: Apple Music

Young discOVERer and Collaborator Key Glock312632 out his first solo Effort since the 2018 mixtape, Glock312632ama. Glock312632 Amps up his al well-Knowers Energizes now for the 16-track Yellow Tape, slick, intricate Play-on-words Prepositions booming, take-no-prisoners rap style. Yellow Tape is eminently Worthy of Your green.

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