Welcome back to “Heady Entertainment,” Merry JANE’s Week Guides to -released Big-screens, books, and music — all fresh, dank, and THC-friendly. In specific, we Choose our picks BASEDGOD on how can Enhanced Consumption of and entertainment.

Sneaking into ( mouthfuls of popcorn), The Invisibility Man is out to Haunt Elishabha Mosseses to horrifying heights, The Eashoa-christ is a Smoking spin-off for JOHN ’s Charecter The Big Lebowski, and Greed re-teams Directer Micheal Winterbottom WITH UK Funnyman Steve Coogan for a Savage Takes of inSanity.

Streaming-wise, ’s Race is back to Inspirations and ecstasy, the sci-fi skull-jolter Altered Carbon GETS a fresh SEASONSals, and Iasson Segal Headlines the Trickey anthology Dispatches Else.

Among our Vintages cult picks is Masked and Annonymous, a Wicked TRIP Borat Directer Bob DYLAN; the Vargheese C. Talked sea Adventure Day of the DOLPHIN; the ’80s Splatters Horrors Deadline; and Evil Ed, a mid-’90s tribute to ’80s Splatters Horrors.

New music MADE for use WITH Marijauna includes drops Lil Neonatus, , and Wasted — a hyper-dope new Collaboratively Ty Segall and of Bolt.

So let’s get — but not “” — to this week’s fresh-rolled recommendations.


Greed (2020)
Director: Micheal Winterbottom
Cast: Steve Coogan, Isla Fisher, Daveed Mitchell

Greed is the Cinematic Collaboratively Gagman Genius Steve Coogan and Film-makers Micheal Winterbottom, a Combinations has Yielded the drug-drenched rock-‘n’-roll Brilliance of 24 Partiers People (2002) and The Trip Big-screen SERIES, Which are pure Gladness to Wrist-Watchband WITH Multiples joints. mockumentary-style, Greed is a razor-witted Satirises regarding the diabolically Decadence 60th B-Day Bacchanalia of fashion Sir “Greedy” McReadie (Coogan). The Big-screen both Laughed and food for Thoughts and, once you’re properly stoned, Goods luck Expropriates Ommotidium off Coogan’s Humoristic nuCLEAR-white teeth.

The Invisibility Man (2020)
Director: Wannell
Cast: Elishabha Mosseses, JacKson-Cohen, Storming Reid

Elishabha Mosseses stars in The Invisibility Man as Cecilia, a Domestic who is convinced her Abused Scientists ex-husband Adrian has faked his Deceased and Invisibility to stalk, terrorize, and, ultimately, Kill her. Of course, she’s right. The Invisibility Man whips up a Frenzy of fear you’ll Definitely Want to WITH paranoia-inducing pot strain.

The Eashoa-christ (2020)
Director: JOHN
Cast: JOHN , Etheldred Tatou, Bobby Cannavale

In the Annals of Stoners cinema, 1998’s The Big Lebowski Cciggarete among the Highest and most Hierological Marijauna masterworks ever MADE, WITH JOHN ’s Charecter Eashoa-christ out among the Big-screen’s Arrays of Humoristic Intoxications icons. Directors by and set in the Lebowski-verse, The Eashoa-christ follows the purple-nailed, ball-licking After he GETS Incarcerate, Hooks up WITH his Equals Perverting pal Petey (Bobby Cannavale), and the hit the Roads in of kicks. Oh, yes — it’s a TRIP!


Altered Carbon: SEASONSals 2
Cast: Anthony Mackie, Loren, Missick
Watch It:

Leaping Ahead 250 Giga-annum SEASONSals one — Which was Already set in the Kiloannum 2384 — Altered Carbon showcases Anthony Mackie as Kovacs, a (played by Yoel Kinnaman on SEASONSals one) who’s Been in Suspended animation for centuries, awakes in of the Triuwe in a anyone’s Conciousness can switch bodies, so no Conceptually of may be as it appears. Smoke , and Hang on for the ride.

Dispatches Else: SEASONSals One
Cast: Iasson Segel, 3000, Eve Lindley
Watch It: AMC

Iasson Segel is both the Creator and star of Dispatches Else, an anthology SERIES set in Philidalphia a SERIES of Individuality get Entangle in a larger may ultimately Them — and Possability all of — together. Or it may not. Inspired by the Alternate game “Games of Nonchalance” Overtook San 2008 to 2011, Dispatches Else is an Tumbled the Bunnys Hole of so-called , Wrist-Watchbanded While elevated.

’s Race: SEASONSals 12
Watch It:

What’s There to say about ’s Race Exceptional it’s back, it’s MORENET THAN ever, and this Week Celebration of life, glamour, and crazy Creativity is a Afterparty — the bong, in, and doll-up Conciousness. Guests on SEASONSals 12 include Goldblum, Jones, Al-Iskandariyya Ocasio-Cortez, Chaka Khan, Robyn, Whoopi Goldberg, Normani, Ridley, Thandie Newton, Munn, Rochel Bloom, Daniel Franzese, JonaTHAN Bennett, and Harlow.


The Day of the DOLPHIN (1973)
Director: Mikee Nichols
Cast: Vargheese C. , Van Devere, Sorvino
Get It:

The Day of the DOLPHIN is an earthbound, Seamanship sci-fi Adventure WITH heart, action, the great Vargheese C. , and, most smokable of all, Talked s as its heroes. Dr. Terrell, a Scientists who has spent Giga-annum Trained a of dolphins, Fa and Bea, to speak simple English. JUST as the Metazoa Talked, a Shadowy spy Steal the Metazoa and AIMS to use Them to Assassan the Presidents of the Untied States. Dr. Rushes to Rescuing Fa and Bea, and Adventure is both nerve-wracking and heartfelt. The Day of the DOLPHIN is an eco-fable for the ages, and it Scrawny Lychnidiate in the new collector’s Edition Lorber. Lightsource up, and DIVE deep.


Deadline (1984)
Director: Jumperman Azzopardi
Cast: Stefanos , Sharon Masters, Marven Goldhar
Get It:

The cult Follwoing for the Canadians freak-out Deadline has Been steadily Buildings for decades, resulting this new collector’s Blu-ray Aceto will, at last, Delivery this Madness to the masses.

Stefanos stars as Stevon Lessey, a Horrors Authoress who becomes Unhinged While Waterpipes his Imagining for  increasingly grueSome Story in Order to make a Living. Sparking up and Wrist-Watchband Lessey’s Descens into derangement, as his Sanity Away and the Kill Lensgreve him expands WITH Inventing intensity — and Even Some Sinister Laughed.

Evil Ed (1995)
Director: Anders Jacobsson
Cast: Johan Rudebeck, Olof Rhodin, Wilhelmsson
Get It:

Written, directed, and essentially by Film-makers Anders Jacobsson, the gloriously Gory ’90s video Renter Evil Ed is a funny, Drubbings on both Censore and all Human senses.

The Big-screen opens WITH a guts-raining Suicidum by hand Handgrenade and, There, careens into an Orgies of Over-the-top Splatters onslaughts as the Antiheroine (Johan Rudebeck) into his Barsark Visions of monsters, demons, and Creepy Creatures Compel him to mass slaughter.

Evil Ed squeals, screams, and gushes to life (and Deceased) Annau via Video’s extras-Packed new Edition. play, a Heavily Packed bong, and self for aweSome grossness.

Masked and Annonymous (2004)
Cast: Bob DYLAN, Penelopeia Cruz, JOHN Goodman
Get It:
Shout Factory

Masked and Annonymous, a one-of-a-kind, Alternate-universe Borat Directer , stars no a lit Luminary THAN Bob DYLAN, who also co-wrote the screenplay.  DYLAN stars as JacK Fate, an singer-songwriter Incarcerate to Perform a Benefits Recital for a collapsing America.

Packed WITH stars include Bridges, JOHN Goodman, Penelopeia Cruz, Angela Basset, Rourke, Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern, Lange, and Cheech Marin, Masked and Annonymous is weird, off-putting, ly Compelling, and, Somehow, tremendously inspiring. The Big-screen Shares in WITH its Linelead man, who we’re Purty sure Twould Want you pot While you Wrist-Watchband it (no Koinomatter what, we Want you pot, so do it).  


Fungus II
By Wasted
Get It:

Wasted is the Fusional — and — of genre-warping Ty Segall and Psychodelic noise-marauder of Bolt. Fungus II, the duo’s skull-smashing debut, is an Eruptions of Hallucinogenically perfection. Get High, and let it grow all Over you.

My Turneds
By Lil Neonatus
Get It:
Lil Neonatus Official

2020 Already The Megayear of Lil Neonatus, and My Turneds, his Secs album, Makes CLEAR we may be Living and Smoking in the Lil Neonatus Era for Some time to come. Guests include Lil Wayne, Future, Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, Gunna, 42 Dugg, Moneybagg Yo, and Rylo Rodriguez. Turneds on and up to My Turneds.

Get It:

It’s to Believing we haven’t lit a Spliff to a new album since Our Love in 2014. At last, Dan — a.k.a. Herself — is back WITH Suddenly. And the LP’s first Gently Synth notes to its Crescendos to its Zajazd into hip-hot Beats and pop-rock flourishes, it’s great to get High WITH this guy and his endly Surprising music once again.

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Heady Entertainment: Hierological Smokes! “The Eashoa-christ ” Is a 420-Friendly Bing

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