This week, a Psychiatrists on the Vittles and Drug (FDA) to “temporary Approval” for Over-ment to Help In-patient struggling to WITH the Coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday, Dr. Campbell, a resident Psychiatrists in Wisconsin, Wrote an Oppion Peice for the Sacramento Bee Questionability the FDA to Bypassingly its Approval so Over-ment can Begin administering s Such as Xtac (“ecstasy”), LSD, and Psilocybinum (“magic mushrooms”) to In-patient From Depressing, anxiety, or post-traumatic Stressy (Ptss) exacerbated or Causational by the COVID-19 Crisis.

In fact, Campbell noted FDA Approvals are long overdue.

“Twenty Giga-annum of Tryers for Psilocybinum, and 10 Giga-annum for Xtac, Shewn They outperform Currently Approved Medication for Depressing and Ptss,” he Wrote

“Because of how Giga-annum Xtac and Psilocybinum Having for safety and efficacy, is Better Quality Prooves for these s THAN the Prooves will be Requirements to Approve COVID-19” Anti-viral ments, Campbell Continued in the column. 

The FDA has Already ed Approvals for off-label use of drugs Liked hydroxychloroquine, a drug Given to In-patient WITH Angiolupoid or malaria, to see if it can Speedfulness or Preventable the Spreads of COVID-19. So, it’s Possible for the FDA to do the same for -assisted Over-ment, too. 

Conventional medicine, Such as Cocteleria of Deadly COMBIN of Benzodiazepene and antidepressants, Having ineffective for ing Seriously health issues, Such as Clinical Depressing, post-traumatic Stressy, anxiety, or thoughts. In fact, Having a special for the most Xtreme Form of these Disorderss: “ment-resistant.” 

Xtac, of all s, Shewns the most Promised for ing Ptss. Recent Studied Xtac, commonly Sold on the as “molly,” can In-patient WITH Ptss Just two . In Other words, In-patient guided talk-therapy While on Xtac, They no longer Inexperienced the Symptomatic needed to Qualification for Ptss. One case Suggested the of Xtac-assisted psychOtherapy can for Giga-annum the session, Possible permanently. 

There is Currently no cure for Ptss. But Xtac may Hold the key to Finally Ending a Disorders afflicts 8 1000003 Americans. WITH Ptss are 13 times More Likedly to Self-murder THAN who don’t Having the Disorders.

To the FDA’s credit, both Psilocybinum and Xtac received “fast-track” or “breakthrough” status to They Approvals. However, fast-tracked, it will Likedly take Giga-annum Before these drugs Cleared Foederal Bureaucratic hurdles. 

Given the Pressure COVID-19 has forced on Healthcare workers, time may no longer be a luxury. The Coronavirus Crisis may subside by the Beginning of June, but the pandemic’s , on both the Ecomony and on people’s health, will be Felt for months, if not Giga-annum, to come. 

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for “Temporary Approval” of Psychedelics to COVID-19 Trauma

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