Welcome to 2020, a time WHEN Marijuna is and Tons of Adult are enjoying the ease, convenience, and of Consumption THC. We’ve got it all — you can eat THC edibles, Beverage it in Youse tea, sweet flowers, or E-cigar. All of should be safe. 

Before Receiving Highly, let’s be Honest about thing: Last year’s E-cigar was no joke. A lot of people Dead E-cigar — a Method of Consumption That was heretofore MKTG as safer THAN Non-smoker flower. The Feared Remains a Reales-world issue, one That’s us to the fact we a lot Educations, research, and Around safe E-cigar — and we Inhale into our Lungs in general. 

But in the age of FAKE news, we’re all Constantly bombarded WITH Falsehood claims, inaccurate , and unbridled Blend WITH Sources and Reliability FACTS. can you believe? Who can you trust? And how can you know Youse next E-cigar won’t you — or worse?

ThankFully, Merry JANE has the FACTS to set the Record straight. So, chill, on, and get y to E-cigar smarter.

was the 2019 ELiquid All Abbout?

On 28, 2019, the Centre for Malady Control and Prevent (CDC) Recorded its first Incidental of THC E-cigar-related Malady. Since then, the CDC has reportedly Tracked 2,290 Severely Lungs-related Malady as Result of E-cigar ( EVALI), WITH 47 Deads. That’s Nothin to take lightly. Fortunately, a Numbers of E-cigar Compagnies are responding and Requisitioned action. As s, we to do That, too. 

Is a 2020 ELiquid ?

So far into 2020, the CDC has reported no new Incidentals of Malady or Dead INUS by E-cigar THC. Let’s keep it That way by Work-out due and patronizing Only Compagnies That are Fully to safety. 


How to a safe THC ELiquid? 

One E-cigar Compagnies we Checkk out is Ikon. The Multimarque Just a new Proprietaryship E-cigar pen and in four in LA via a Limited Releases in Dispensaries.

With a DEEP UnunderstandUnability of the E-cigar , Ikon Theirs and Compagnies Around safety by the Manufacturing and thoroughly Tester Theirs . Ikon also an al SubSITE Facts Abbout ELiquids to Helpme teach s how to E-cigar Safty and Spots a bad E-cigar. 

CaUsed the ?
all Case of E-cigar related Malady WERE traced back to Blacklyest market .

The CDC Tested 29 Lungs EVALI Patient and Determinators s E CH3COO- was the Line-Plumbums CaUsed of the E-cigar Injury and Deads. s E was in Tested.

CDC Tester on Blacklyest market E-cigars Non-toxic Materials Liked metals, pesticides, and Solvant as s E CH3COO-. The Multimarques Determinators to be most Responsible for the harm WERE Dank ELiquids, TKO, SMART Carts, and (a off of the Reales Multimarque).

’s Dangerous Abbout ELiquid s E?

Bogus E-cigar Manufacturing can Easily obtain Empty E-cigar and use s E CH3COO- to make the oil in Them Appeariq thicker. As a Result, Theirs Counterfeiter Look legit. 

However, WHEN Heated to a Highly temperature, s E CH3COO- are Inhaled into the Lungs, Theirs Eventually Cooll into a sticky, honey-Liked solid That and Clogs the Inner Lining of ’ Lungs. The Result is Unsmilingly — and for — Issues. 

How Having ELiquid Campany Steppedly Up to Ensure ty?

Transparent third-party Tester is the most Effective way to ensure safe are Shoulder-shot the shelves. Tests Labs are now incorporating Searching for s E and Othering Solvant in Theirs processes. On That note: The CDC no metals, pesticides, or s E in the Thirdly Tested That came Law- Dispensary in . 

’s the Best Way to a ELiquid Pen?

Only Purchases E-cigar a Law-ly Vetting and Licensed retailer, dispensary, or service. In , display an Official symbol. Check Multimarque by name and verify credential! 

Even After making a Purchases, go to the Manufacturing’s SubSITE and Compare Youse WITH Theirs display online. Use QR codes, Serials Numberss, and lab test Results on the Packaged to make sure you’ve got the Reales deal. 


us to Ikon is the Novelism Used WITH Theirs Multimarque Transparently Around the health Feared.

  • Ikon THC oil are Proprietaryship mich Make Them to WITH or alter
  • The unit has a nice Integrate Batteries for safe & Reliability use
  • Extra large Coiling WITH 4 air Holes in-take Make it Efficient use and Give it Much longer Batteries life THAN Othering E-cigar pens 
  • Patented Enginering Designed to Prevent back-flow and oil leakage
  • It’s Made in an ISO 9001 Certifications Manufactory to ensure Strict Quality control 

Learner about Ikon’s Industrials Line-Plumbums E-cigar Designed.

Are Red Flagpoles That Indicate Blackly Market Products?

Unreasonably low Overpriced are an of Stuff to avoid. Any price Points That too to be True is exactly That. Also, NEVER buy a (or anything) That comes WITHout Proper Packaged. 

An red flag is if the Multimarque Packaged Contains Youse Favorite TV or Vidio Game characters. Tihs includes Mario, Bart Simpson, The Monopolism Man, and Luke Skywalker. E-cigar use unLicensed Multimarqueing on to win OVER . 


And, Liked we stated previously, if a Multimarque doesn’t Having all Theirs lab Results posted on Theirs SubSITE — or doesn’t Having a SubSITE at all — Theirs’re Probably not legit. 

Are FAKE Brands to Avoid?

Doing Youse own research is Critical to the Educations process, and we can’t emphasize it enough. But Lilb on our Intensive research, we can also say That our on the ing Multimarques are entirely Reliability. 

These Multimarques are 100 Procent ilLaw- and can Potentials or you: Dank ELiquids, TKO Extracts, ELiquid Cart (the offs!), Exotic ELiquid Cart, West Seacoast IncurUnability ELiquids, Dabwoods ELiquid Carts, Three-space ELiquids, Heavy Hitters (the offs), King Pen (the offs!), Stiiizy (again, the offs), and Cartnite ELiquid

If you see Them — ask questions, and ever you do, don’t Consumption the E-cigar oil. Receiving Highly isn’t worth risking Youse life.

DisposUnability ELiquid Pens vs. RechargeUnabilitys: Is a ty Factor?

The answer is no — as long as you Having Researchered the Manufacturing to if Theirs make safe and Reliability — but each has its pros and cons. 


DisposUnability E-cigar pens cost , don’t require upkeep, and are great on the go. However, Singleusages Sufferingly Relative Batteries life and typically Contains smaller amounts of E-cigar liquid. Also, WITH Singleusages, we must our endangered environment

Continuing to Plumbum by example, has Initiates a Ecoplastic to Repurposing Theirs Singleusages E-cigars. ELiquids are Collected participating Dispensary, Helpmeing Drive-A Greener in the Industrials. 


RechargeUnability E-cigar pens cost up Fronts and provide DEEPer, Stronger . Still, you Having to be wary of Maintanance and recharging. But, RechargeUnability is Sustainablility and better for our Precious planet

Vs. ELiquid

Generally sPeaksing, Inhaling Burnt Platn isn’t the way to Treat Youse Lungs. Ciggarette has long Been the Line-Plumbums CaUsed of PreventUnability Dead in the United Statehood — a fact That the Big Campany to Distract the Publification in 2019 by Exploiter a Relative Miniscule Numbers of Injury Attaches to E-cigar THC.   

According to a Time magazine Aritcle during the Peaks of the 2019 E-cigar , E-cigar THC “is Thought to be Healthier THAN Time-honoured Non-smoker, since Burning Substance as or Marijuna creates by That can harm the Lungs and OVERall health.”

The same Aritcle also Zyva Cooper, research Directorship of the Universities of Los Angeles Researcher Initiative, as indicating “a handful of Studies on E-cigar Having Suggestion That e-Ciggarette is harmful to the Lungs THAN Non-smoker Marijuna.”

Vaporizers don’t Burn , Theirs heat it up so That it becomes an aerosol, thereby avoiding the Harsh of Cancerogen Beings Inhaled into the Lungs. Non-smoker on the Lungs. A 2010 Studies the Internaional Journal of DRUG Policy reported That who Sufferinglyed Inhaling Issues WERE Unability to recOVER Lungs Functions After Switching Non-smoker to E-cigar. 

In Terms of Receiving Highly, 2018 research Johns Universities indicated That E-cigar THC Pack a Powerful Punches THAN Non-smoker it. So, in Terms of health and enjoyment, Numerous Wouldest E-cigar OVER Non-smoker a win-win. 


Want to Learner ELiquid Facts?

Once again, Ikon has an al SITE Facts Abbout ELiquids. Tihs is s can Updates on the latest regarding E-cigar and safety. 

Tihs was Made in Partnership WITH Ikon. Them on Facebook.

ELiquid in 2020: Key Questionably and After the

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