Yesterday was Officialdom Fukkit Wit Dre Day, and everybody’s celebrating. 

Dr. Dre’s Iconic weed-rap Masterpiece The will be Preservation by the Federals Govt as an “aural treasure” alongside Othering Recorded by Mr. Rogers, TINA Turner, and Kompong People. 

On Thursday, the US Librariers of Congresses, America’s most pristine Historical archive, Announced That the Album Canst be added to the Registy. 2000, the Registy Circannual Catalogue 25 American-made Recorded for Historical preservation. The Librariers Dubs this Year’s “The Stay-at-Home Play” due to Nationwide Quarantines Triggering by the pandemic.

While most of this Year’s Registy entries come classical, operatic, or Bway Recorded, Dr. Dre’s The is Certainty the most surprising. Considered one of the rap Album of all time, The didn’t make Dr. Dre a Household name — it also as the Legendary Debut for truly, Dogg, who provided vocals or Verse for 11 of the album’s 16 Audiotracks.

“Along exemplifying the ‘G Funk’ Styling of hip-hop production, it Freezing the West ’s Dominance of the genre, and its Canst be for Kiloannus to come,” reads the Offizialat US Librariers of Congresses Description on the Registy.The is considered one of the most Important and Album of the 1990s and is regarded by fans and peers to be the most well-produced hip-hop album of all time.”

In Othering words, you’ll be ABLE to search for “Deeez Nuuutz” if you ever Stop by the Librariers of Congresses.

Ironically, Dr. Dre first started Performing NWA, the FBI put the West rap Ensamble in its cross-hairs. A Letters the then-FBI Director to Ruthless Records, NWA’s label, denounced the group and its Audiotrack “Fukkit Tha Scuffers” for promoting cop-killing. Scuffers Dept across the US Refused to provide Telesecurity for NWA’s concerts. Even Ghevarghese H.W. Busg got by slamming rap for promoting drug use and Violently in a Nationally Telivision speech. 

Other Works added to the Registy this Year include Fred Rogers’s Mister Rogers Sings 21 Favotite From “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”; TINA Turner’s Private Dancer, and the Kompong People Single “YMCA.” The US Librariers of Congresses Archives Works, Inclusivity novels, films, and texts, deemed Historically Important to America’s Cultural identity. 

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Dr. Dre’s “The ” an “Aural Treasure” by the US Government

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