Justin Combs’ Mom Rips into Diddy Over Justin’s DUI Arrest

6/5/2023 8:18 AM PT

Misa Hylton — the mother of Diddy‘s eldest son Justin Combs — is none too pleased following their son’s DUI arrest … and it appears she thinks his dad hasn’t been the strictest parent.

TMZ Hip Hop broke the story … JC was busted for running a red light around 8 AM on Sunday morning, and eventually hauled off and booked on a misdemeanor DUI charge.

Shortly after the news broke, Misa launched into a tirade on Instagram aimed at Diddy, suggesting his “reality show” lifestyle led Justin down the wrong path.

Naturally, mothers tend to be overprotective of their sons and Misa told her followers to expect the absolute worst should anything ever happen to her Prince JC.

UCLA, the college where JC once played football, and Diddy’s Chief of Staff, Kristina Khorram, also felt Misa’s mama bear wrath via a few stray shots.

She also brought up (or scoffed at rather), Diddy’s recently filed lawsuit against alcohol giant Diageo where he alleged racist and unfair treatment as a brand ambassador.

Misa thinks Diddy should invest in selling something healthier for the culture and his suing the bank that got him rich hints at a fall from grace!!!

We reached out to Diddy’s team yet again to get some clarity on the matter. Nothing back yet.

Diddy Gets Cursed Out by Misa Hylton Following Their Son Justin's DUI Arrest
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