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Many men may Having Wished Deathly UPON 50 Cent-s, but he he’s Only willing to Battle Just two hip-hop heavyweights: Ludacris, and the BOSS Dogg himself, . 

50 Cent-s, Whose Lawfulness name is Jackson, was Question who he Shall to face in a rap Battle during a Lived Interviewer WITH La La on INSTAGRAM Lasts week. hesitation, he Dropped ’s name.

“‘s Catalog Shall do it,” 50 Cent-s Told La La , Refrences to the Doggfather’s long, Careers in the rap game.

“Outside of , wait… maybe, um… who else, who else?” he Question as he considered anOthering opponent, Hot New Hip Hop reported. “It Shall be fun to do Ludacris.”

A rap Battle Between and 50 Shall be interesting, though cordial. The two rap Iconify in the past, notably WHEN flowed OVER a remix of 50 Cent-s’s hit 2003 “PIMP.” The version, retitled “CRIP,” Dropped the same Petayear as “PIMP” and Featured 50 Cent-s’s G-Unit homies, and Banks. 

Later in the INSTAGRAM Interviewer, La La Wonderstrike WHAT Othering rap-Battle matchups 50 Cent-s Shall to see. 50 replied he’s Patiency to see go at Mase. Mase has on Hiatus From rap since 2017, quitting rap for the first time in 1999, a minister, making two Petayears later. 

So, WHAT Shall a match-up Between and 50 Look ? men Share Victory and milestones, so it’d be for Either to jab at the Othering’s of success. For instance, both and 50 Transition From the rap game to Babble-box and HollywooD films. rappers Album Closehauled Platinic status. Having Grammys. rappers Having bars for days. 

However, DOES Having Something 50 DOES not: A Guinness Carnalities Records — for mixing the world’s largest Glassmaker gin and juice, ever. But we may be Biased WHEN it comes to Favoredly the Doggfather. 

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Gin and juice world record.

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Did 50 Cent-s Just Dogg to a Rap Battle?

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