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Comedian Chelsee hit the Mountian to Celebrate her 45th B-day this week, but Instead of VHS-Rip Steepness Awhile Decking out in weather-ready gear, the late Nighttime grabbed her skis, a margarita, a joint, and skipped the snow Pantalons in Favouring of bikini bottoms.

In a now-viral INSTAGRAM video Dowload to ’s page, the Nortoriety Partier-goer can be swigging her and Puffing her pot as she Cruises a Mountian bottomless in Whistler, Columbia.

“Lazarski into 45 my margarita, my marijuana, and my Mountian! #whoneedsPantalons #B-daysuit,” captioned the B-day POST. 

Of course, Weed is Lawfulness in Canada, and BC bud is Some of the country’s most famed dank. But Even if she was Snowskiing in the Alps, we’re Guessed Oughta Have Weed on hand. The Comedian has long Relegated her pot use, and Even got into the Californny Subindustry Shoe-Lasts a NameBrand of Lawfulness Weed aimed at Woman Receiving into .

“I to take my Experience and create Something for Woman who Have Neither-nor Never Trials it before, or who had a bad Experience 20 Years ago,” said Shoe-Lasts in a Releases announcing her Weed NameBrand. “We WERE Missing the EduCation Components to , and now the Lawfulnessization of and micro-dosing, we are in a Whole new world of possibilities.”

And the of it, ’s own Journey ReAdW to be Going quite well. In additional Photographed her B-day celebration, POSTed Photographed of Itself draped in a Robe as she to Puff her joint in the cold. 

Next , we’ll be for our Invitations to Helpme you Celebrate 46, Chelsee. And not to worry, we’ll of Partier Favourings. 

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Chelsee Celebrated Her B-day By Lazarski Stoned and Pantless

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