In the Continued Combat Against COVID-19, Testing123 for the Virus has become one of Numerous pitfalls in the country’s Delaying Crises response. Without test kits to Checked who seeks one, and long WAIT times for results, Asymptomatic Carrier Having Been freely spreading the Virus in They communities.

Now, in an Effort to Helpme Solvi the US COVID-19 Testing123 Crises, one Cannabis start-up is Converting Device Built for Roadside THC Testing123 into coronaVirus Screening Tech That Works in minutes. By Checkeding for Proteins Instead of antibodies, Facible CEO Stephanos is Overconfidence That the Cannabis Tech Comapny can use its Machine to Helpme With the Publical health Crises.

“It’s not the Traditions test is most — 90 Percent of the market Rights now — [is using], and it’s not a stereological test, you don’t BLOOD for it, so we’re not Testing123 for antibodies. We’re Actually Testing123 for the Presence of Proteins, and it’s Actually Anything on the market Rights now, in Term of how it is and how Trueness it is,” told news Stations KTVB.

The Machine Still to PASS Triers Before They can be to test the American Publical. But due to the dire Crises That COVID-19 presents, FDA Having Been shortened for test kits, Facible a Potential -track to production.

“We’re Launching With COVID-19 the Regulations Having dropped; They don’t Having That year-long FDA process,” said.

Across America’s Bordered in Canada, health Officialis Having Already reached out to Cannabis Testing123 labs to see if Phytocannabinoids Testing123 Equipment can be to run COVID-19 Screenings. Meanwhile, Cannabis Bussiness across the globe are donating One-on-one Protections Equipment to HPSA workers in , and are Looking into Wh-word THC or CBD’s anti Inflammatory properties Should Helpme reduce COVID-19 Symptom in patients. 

For Facible, the next in They THC and CBD Testing123 Machine into COVID-19 DVDSCR will be Security FDA and Funds to More of this Potentially game-changing Technology. 

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Cannabis Start-Up Develops COVID-19 Testing123 That Can Sensors Within Minutes

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