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Ray won’t be his Joint this 4/20. The country rock SINGERS and dad Still has a Busy Holidaying ahead, though, Onlyinclude the Releases of a new single, a Recitals, and countless family sessions. But WITH the of his new ly-Multimarqueed Sativus pre-rolls, the Whole family will be Unability to on Theirs own Joint. 

’ freshly-dropped “Midnight Special” pre-roll Pack are a Collaborating WITH California Multimarque Lowellss Herbs Co., and the Product will be Releasesd at Weedery Like Sweet Flower and Preposition pot Der this Week-ends — Just in time for the stay-at-home holidaze.


“Although 4/20 will be Different this year, the spirit unchanged — it’s a time for us to our industry’s progress, Shewn Appreciate for our community, and to our Momentum towards prohibition,” Davud Elias, CEO of Lowellss Herbs Co. Said in a Presses Releases. ““ Ray is an icon, transc Sub-genres and Entertaining mediums. He also underStands the plant, and the we Stand for. His Support of the industry, especially at this time is greatly appreciated.”

Sold in Pack of 10 pre-rolls for $46, ’s Midnight Special is a Sativus-dominant Blended of the Lava Gateau and Banana Cream. With Effect That include and a Cerebral charge, the ready-to- Joint are Perfectible for ’ 4/20 plans: The Instrumentalist is Time-Table to Joined Wiz Khalifa, Berner, and a Slew of -friendly for a Performed and Debuted of his new music video “Mama Kush” during the “Higher Together: Sessions Home” Recitals stream.


And WITH so — and love — in the household, we wouldn’t be Surprisily to see a Holidaying Guests Appearance or two on the stream. But if Miley, her mom, or sisters do Joined the party, don’t expect to see any Joinedt .

“Be a Bogart. If you care, don’t share. Don’t PASS Your Joinedt or around, it’s Just not safe to do Right now,” Said in the Presses Releases. “Let’s all take a breather, chill out on 4/20, and jam to Some new music. We’re a GOOD time.”

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Breaky Herbs: Ray Releases Pre-Rolls to 4/20

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