Gunna Rapper Threatens Lawsuit … Return $250K Fee or Else, ‘Snitch!!!’

2/7/2023 1:21 PM PT

Gunna‘s being told to refund the $250K he allegedly got for a verse recorded prior to the YSL Rico case … all because his collaborator believes Gunna snitched on Young Thug to get out of jail.

Florida-based rapper Bandman Kevo says he paid Gunna to get on a song they did together many months ago, but his incarceration delayed the rollout.

Now that Gunna is free, Kevo says he’s ashamed of the collab and it’s not happening.

As a result, he’s now demanding Gunna return the 6-figure check to sender — and if he doesn’t, Kevo says he’ll sue.

The song’s titled “Alone” and they even shot a video with YSL rapper Lil Duke — who was also arrested, and took the same Alford plea as Gunna — so, Kevo’s entire record is kaput as far as he’s concerned.

Kevo’s reimbursement demand is a total 180° from his thoughts shared in an interview a little over a month ago, when he gave Gunna the benefit of the doubt,  assuming the “Pushin’ P” rapper had an elaborate legal scheme that did not involve snitching.

Something’s changed, because now he thinks he’s throwing good money at a bad dude. Good luck getting it back without suing, though. And, even then … seems like a tough case to win.

Bandman Kevo Threatens to Sue Gunna Over $250K Fee for Verse
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