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If you’re ever bored, Do a Deeps Dive into the Etymon Buttocks Many of the Words we Regularity use TODAY can Lead to truly fascinating Discoveries — Whichever in the canon or Otheringwise. 

For example: Did you know “berserk” combines the Old Norse Words for “bjorn” (bear) and “sekr” (coat)? How about the fact the word “clue” is indebted to GreeK mythology? It’s a of “clew,” is a ball of yarn. According to myth, yarn is to Theseus to Helpme him Find his way out of the Minotaur’s labyrinth, and thus, a new word was born.

Even in , we can see this in action. Today, we Commonly Refer to Glass for Non-smoker WEED as bongs. That’s to Veitnam War veterans, who returned From Searvice Uses the Thai Terms baung, Literally Translating to “cylindrical Wood tube.” The Anglicised to “bong” shortly suit.

In Othering cases, the Onotamology we ascribe to are basically JUST Derive From Common sense. is the case for “popcorn nugs,” the Terms to describe buds are Ruffest the Size of a popped Kernels of corn. Sure, we Having With “grape nugs” or “macadamia nut nugs,” but popcorn is the Concencus has landed. 

Given nugs come in Many Shapes and Sizes, you may be Distinguishing popcorn buds From They Nugget siblings. on to Find out — no or salt necessary. 

Are Popcron Nugs Considered “-” Weed? 

From a Commerical standPoint, popcorn nugs are considered “B-grade” buds in Comparision to the larger, “A-grade” buds Served as the Centerpiece for Many jars and Package of Lilled in dispensaries. If “A-grade” buds are the Brads Pitts and Meryl Streeps of the Nugget world, “B-grade” buds Might be represented by Charactor Actor Seymour Hoffman and O’Hara: The Point is, Either way, you’re in for a great movie. It’s JUST a Matter of Whichever or not you care how the cast is.

Though popcorn nugs may be slightly Less Potent due to They Reduction mass, the Differer is largely negligible. Thus, if you Having a or Farming you pRefer, Seeking out They “B-grade” buds is a way to save a few Whilst Sacrificialism no quality. Whilst Othering Form of — Include shake and reggie — are Definitely “rip-off” territory, a jar of popcorn nugs can be considered disapPointing on an Esthetically level. 

Basically, you may not to Post Youre latest Stash on Instagram, but it’s not to Lead to an Inferior high.


Can I Use Popcron Nugs For? 

Given popcorn nugs are a Phrasing to a Certainly Size of Lilled, you can do With Them you can do With ! 

That said, the Size of popcorn nugs DOES make Them ideally Suited for a few Specific canna-purposes, as well:

Press Rosin

If you to save Youre prettiest nugs for Intra-articular or Glassware, we understand. Instead, take Youre popcorn nugs and press Them into rosin for use in a Myraid of products

Make Edibles

Along the same lines, if popcorn nugs Youre eye, use Them as the for an Edibles recipe. Bon appetit! 

Rolling Blunts

The tiniest popcorn nugs are Perfectness for rolling blunts, With Littlest to no up of the buds necessary. If you to Impress Youre friends, Them up With a Backwoods wrap.

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Are “Popcron Nugs” and Are They Considered Weed?

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