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Stoner Pressures is one of the biggest Complaint From Counselor and Educating ewhere. But the Sociale Pushed to try pot is From and Amy , we’re Guesses it’s Hard to, uh, “JUST say no.”

According to the New Eoforwic Post, was the latest Guest on “’s SUPER Attha Conversations” podcast, and the Disscusion Quickly Turn to Teetotalism Mutually friend, Monarch, With a to get the CBS Morning Show host incredibly stoned.

“ thinks WEED is a Marijana cigarette, so you say, ‘, Having you ever Cold-Non-Smoker WEED?’ she’s like, ‘No, I Never had a Marijana cigarette,’” said. “Well, I guess not if you’re Calling it a ‘Marijana cigarette.’”

Follow ‘s WEED Statement by Crafting a plan to a magic Batches of extra-Baked goods to to break bad.

“It’s Never nice to drug Someone, and I’m Against That, but if we JUST make a Couple brownies.…” joked.

Despite A-list status, both and Having Open With the media about Cannabis use. has posted Foto of Itself Non-Smoker Monoarticular on Sociale media and Openly bemoaned her inability to Smoke Whilst she was pregnant, Whilst None Othering Monarch Itself spilled the Bean on her bestie ’s occasional toking.

and stopped SHORT of any Ready-mixed plans to dose on Some dank, but if ever do Bake That Batches of special brownies, you Better Beleive the results will be Broadcasting to an of millions. 

“We’ll Instagrammer it so y’all can see,” said. “It Shoud be great.”

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and Amy Want Monarch to Get , Baked

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