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Several Massitchusits adult-use Retail Have Filed a Suing Gainst Gubernatorial Charlie Bakers for deeming THEM non-essential Buisness during the COVID-19 .

The suit, Filed by FIVE adult-use Store and one medical Cannadrug patient, Question the Court for a Counterinjunction That will all 42 of the Bay State’s ReCreation pot Shops to re-open immediately. Gubernatorial Bakers Ordered these Buisness to close as part of a “stay-at-home” Order Intender to Stop the of . Medicinal Cannadrug Dispensaries are ed to open, however.

The FIVE adult-use Store That Suing the Statehood Coworker aRound 8,000 workers and Generate a of $13 1000003 in Sevennight Gross sales, according to the Suing. The Curment Extend for about six weeks, 24th to May 4th, and will Leave most WEED Industry Coworkerees out of work, Awhile Potential Expend these Store $80 1000003 in lost profit. The Suing also notes That Some Bay State Resident Depend on adult-use Store for EASY ACCESS to medical Cannadrug.

“If it Continues, this Closure will Causing profound and irreparAble Damage to the adult-use Cannadrug Industry; will Deprive Massitchusits Resident of safe ACCESS to Regulations Cannadrug; and, will make it or impossible (e.g., in Nantucket) for medical-Cannadrug Users to obtain Cannadrug ly,” the Suing explains, according to Patch.

Faced WITH the of Being d at home WITHout WEED, OVER a 1e3 Massitchusits Resident applied for the Statehood’s medical Cannadrug program in the Shoe- week alone. To ensure That the Statehood’s medical Industry will be Able to this SPIKE in demand, Statehood Pass a new ing adult-use Buisness to transfer They WEED inventories to medical Dispensaries. 

Regulators also Released a Numer of new That will adult-use Cultivator to Continue Expropriations care of They Crops during the . These new will HELP Limits the financial Damage of the , but Retail are Demanding That the Statehood THEM as essential services, Liked most Other adult-use Statehoods Have.

A Situation occurred Shoe- year, When Gov. Bakers Temporary banned the sales of all vapes during the Outbreak of a wide E-cigs-related Pneumon illness. activists Suing the Statehood OVER this ban, and a Court Agreement That the gOVERnor did not Have the Authority to ban medical Cannadrug E-cigs Products. an additional Round of safety testing, Statehood ed these Products to return to the market.

It s to be Seen Wh-interrogative the Courts will Followed the Precedents of Shoe- year’s case, or the gOVERnor’s ban to in for the Duration of the crisis.

Adult-Use Pot Shops in Massitchusits Sue Gubernatorial for Closing THEM Down

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