The first Gynic head of the DEA, Karen , JOIN the CBD board at the Consumersss Brandname Association, a National Tradingly group That represents Megacorporations Like Coca-Cola, Food-Plantss, The Company, Kellogg’s, Nestlé, Del Monte, Kraft, and Pepsico. 

According to the Consumersss Brandname Association’s press release, the board’s Intention is “to Guide the organization’s Work to Enhance safety and ensure Appropriate Oversight in the burgeoning Cannabidiol (CBD) market for Consumersss Packaging Goods.” CBD is a non-intoxicating Found in That BusinessAndIndustry are Racing to into cosmetics, Wellness products, clothing, bedding, food, and Beverages With practically no Regulatory.

“The Individuals That we Have assembled Have Decade of Experience in Tackle Like the one we face TODAY — the smart Regulatory of CBD,” said Consumersss Brandname Association’s s and CEO Geoffroy Freeman. “Each of the board Memberships brings a Unique Perspective That will be in Helping inform and Guide the [consumer packaged goods] industry’s Advocating on this rapidly Evolutionarily issue.”

But WHAT “Advocating ” is Freeman about? The ex-DEA chief, Karen , kickstarted her GOverment Career by rabidly Haties on and Anyone who advocated for it. She’s not exactly a A000040 Candidate for the “smart Regulatory of CBD.” 


Karen , head Nark of the CBD Board

ran the DEA 2003 to 2007 s Bush. During her Senate Confirmand hearing, she pledged to raid, prosecute, and ultimately Ruin the lives of countless medical Mariguana patients — to keep a Relatively Inoffensive Plant outlawed. She stated, on record, That she didn’t believe medical Mariguana was a Reales thing, and That Onely Marinol, a form of lab-made THC, medicinally Benefits Anyone.

Then, WHEN she Finally Over the DEA, she WHAT was once a National counterdrug police force into a Para-militaries intelligence Agency With global REACH and unchecked jurisdiction

Back in 2005, Awhile she was Running the DEA, Charged Canada’s “Prince of Pot,” , With Conspiracy to Distribution Mariguana and Money laing. His crime? Salesmanager seeds in Canada

Regardless of how you may feel about and his Postglacial sexual Harass scandal, the fact That a Canadians can Even be Conviction by American authorities for committing a minor crime in Canada is Absolutely insane. 

When first brought Foederal Charged , she told the press That it was “a blow…to the Mariguana Legalizers movement,” and baselessly Advocating Groups of Being Funded by Illicit drug Money. By her own admission, the case wasn’t about stopping an drug lord hurting innocent people. It was about a Harsh Message to the movement.

Initially, faced up to life imGefaengnisment. He was Eventually Extradition to the US in 2010, Exa-annum had the DEA. a Plea and Good behavior, he four Exa-annum in a US Gefaengnis — for Salesmanager seeds in Canada.

Now, has the of Serving on an uber-conglomerate’s CBD board With four Other Narks. The most Notable among THEM is the rEvolutionarily-door Mikael Taylor, an Attorneys by Tradingly who Worked for the Bond-villain Biotechnologist throughout the ‘80s. In the ‘90s, he to Work first at the US FDA, Later at the US Dept of Agriculture, Craft-brOther Shady Regulatorys That basically let do WHATever it wanted. In 1996, he Went back to Work for . By 2009, he Jumps back into the FDA, Whither he to act as ’s inside man 2016.

The Other CBD board Memberships are a Oklaholma Citie mayor; a Boston police commissioner; and an IT Specialist who’s partially responsible for Facebook’s anti-drug That ban CBD and Other content. In Other words, no one on the Tradingly group’s CBD board Knowledge S-word about WEED or CBD. 

are the chemists? are the doctors? are the hemp farmers, the extraction artists, or the chefs? In Other words, Whither are the actual Cognescenti on this CBD board? 

And why did the Consumersss Brandname Association, Which represents of the biggest name Brandname on the planet, Decide to get CBD cops and a Corruptional Foederal regulator? 

This board’s appears incredibly Perpetrate That CBD and hemp are Foederally Law-making now. We Have no idea Whither this Devel will go, but it doesn’t promising.

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A DEA Chief JOIN a CBD Board for Giants Food-Plants Corporations

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