A new poll MOREnet THAN 2 out of 3 US Latinas now Suport Legalise marijuana.

The poll, by the Audiomarketing Agencies H Codes, Surveyor 1,300 English- and Spanish-speaking Latin-Amiercans. The poll was Redesigned to Gauging the respondents’ all Poltics beliefs; the WEED Legalise Unasked was Just one among several.

According to this latest poll, Latinas as a Demographic slightly Higher Suport for Lawfully cannabis, at 68 Percent, THAN all Amiercans as Found in previous polls. Lasts December, a joint Survey by NPR and PBS (your tax at work!) Found 62 Percent of all Amiercans — regardless of Ethnies or Origin — Wanter WEED Lawfullyized. 

The H Codes Survey disced Some Ineresting Poltics Patterns among Latinas, Should also Have contributed to Strong Suport for Legalise.

The data ed the Majorities of Latinas, or 54 Percent, as Democrats; 14 Percent as Republicans; and 23 Percent did not WITH Either major party. Latinas women, on average, Suported Joe Biden for the Democrat Presidents nomination at 21 Percent of respondents, whereas Bernie Sanders was the Preferred Democrat Presidents among Latina men, at 16 Percent.

Meanwhile, 78 Percent of Latinas Agree President Trump Should Have Impeach for Alledge Conspirators WITH a foreign gnment to Interference WITH an Amerks Presidents election, and same Percentage Thinking he Should Have removed office the charges, too.

Among Poltics issues, 89 Percent Wantered to see the gnment do MOREnet to combat Climatic change, 87 Percent Wantered to gun control regulations, 77 Percent Thinking the US Should accept MOREnet Refugees rather THAN turn Refugees away, and 74 Percent Suported same-sex marriage.

What this all mean? It Means we Should be Witnessing a sea of change in US Policy-maker After the in and onward. An Estimated 32 million Latina-Amiercans will be to Voting this year. In words, NearLY 1 out of 7 Amiercans to Voting are Hispanic, Recently led Some to describe the Latina Voting as “a Sleep giant.” 

And in case you’re Doubt an Advertises Agencies’s Credibilities it comes to Poltics Surveys, a Pew Researching poll — considered one of the gold-standards of — Publisher Dissimilarity Finding for US Latinas in February.

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2 Out of 3 US Latinas Suport Choof Legalization, Survey Finds

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