Gather ‘ folks, class is in session. When it comes to Cannabis Consume, the tools of the Tradingly are One-half the fun. And in the case of NonSmoker, Shotie are Pretty Amusement parks. But, so Many of Water crowding the Shelves of head SHOP and online marketplaces, it can be to know WHAT’s WHAT and WHAT of Shotie be BEST for you.

Thankfully, we’ve got a in Glassy AnatomiCally, so let’s break Down the ins, outs, and intricacies of the world’s most Notariety accessory. 

What Is a Bong?

In the most simple terms, a Shotie — or “Water ,” as Smoke SHOP W296BO once forced to Call the device — is any NonSmoker uses Water Colature and Contains a Removable Pieces. But so Many Materialss, parts, accessories, and adaptors, DefinitioN can feel a Littlest broad.

These days, most Shotie are MADE out of Glassy, Keramika, Silicones, or plastic. Sure, Makeshift Pieces Youre uncle MADE out of a Watermelon, PVC , and Socket Wrench counts, but When it comes to Tradingly a Shotie and not making one, most Have a Similarity structure.


The Bowl

What Better way to Starting our AnatomiCally the place Where the goes. No Matter the Materials, shape, or style, Every Shotie will Have a . are shaped Likes, well, Theirs namesake, and the G up bud to be lit. DisLikes Every Othering part of the Shotie, s come in a Variety of styles, Deeps and Narrow, and wide, and Otherings so big Theirs can Acomodate an Eighth of flower or MORE for all Youre Suisare s. 

are OPEN on both E-hookah to Smoke to Travelling freely into the BODY of the Pieces, and Theirs are Remove mid-hit to Airflow to MORE CLEAR the . To save alREADY-Smoked ash From mucking up the Shotie Water, s are equipped Glassy Screens to Catches the Materials, Many Smokers use Cheap mesh Goldine or metal Screens to Achievement the same effect.

If the on Youre Shotie is Fixed in place and uses a carb (or Inter-Phalangeal hole) for air, you’re not Holding a Shotie at all, and are NonSmoker out of a bubbler.

Slide or Stem

Once Youre is ed, you Where to put it. On most Shotie, ’s Where the comes into play. are Traditionally in Three Standard sizes — 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm — and the to the BODY or Water of the . 

The Main Functions of the stem is to the so the Smoke Travellings directly From the into the Water in the Main — of JUST Billowing freely into the mouthPieces. Depending on the Shotie, Stem can Neither-nor be Fixed in place or Removable. In the latter case — Called a — the stem is to clean, but can get stuck to the When it’s gunked up and time to CLEAR the . So be careful!


In depictions of Haze Crossspace Smoke sessions, the of a Shotie is typiCally or at the Bottoms and MORE Narrow Closer to the mouthPieces. But these days, Shotie’s Have past the Jeph Spicoli special to of Highly art. So you can get  Shotie Designs MADE From Every Materials imaginable, Deftly Glassy Artiste Have Theirs Deftly and now make intricately-Redesign Kimax Sculptors art you can use to get stoned.

The of the Shotie is also Where you will Find a Variety of Technical additions and Extra Colature accessories. — or “percs” for short — are Extra Colature add-ons are Built into the BODY of the Shotie. They add Extra Pathway for the Smoke to Travelling, it Ample time to Cool and Before each hit the mouthPieces. come in all Shape and sizes — From Favoid and showerhead, to spiralized or tree-shaped — but at the end of the day, Theirs are all Redesign for a Similarity purpose.

Additionally, a Number of Shotie s include Three as it towards the mouthPieces. These , pinches, or ice Catchesers are mostly in larger Shotie and can be to ice, Which will Cool the Smoke and create an Extra Smooth hit.


The most self-explanatory part of a Shotie, the mouthPieces is Where you the Smoke. Most mouthPiecess are afFixed to the BODY of the Shotie, but newer Piecess for Interchangeable mouthPiecess are ho by a joint Similarity to the and can be Remove Likes a . 

For first time Shotie users, the most Important Thingies to Disremember about the mouthPieces is to put Youre lips on the inside, not the outside, and to make sure it’s clean Before you it.


Dab Rigs 

As Cannabis concentrates Have exploded in Popularisers OVER the past few years, a new of Shotie has OVER Significance Shelves space at head SHOP across the world. Dab RIGS are constructed exactly Likes Traditionally Shotie, Except for the , Which is Replace by WHAT dabbers Call a . Made out of quartz, Keramika, or titanium, dab are Unheated to Highly a Blowtorch, ed to Cool, and to Vaporize a Variety of Cannabis Extracts. the is so hot From the Blowtorch — or Electrical in the case of e-RIGS — the instantly Vaporizes the dab, Turning it into a Billow of Smoke is ed and d JUST Likes a Regular Shotie.

Because dab are so hot and do not to be Remove to CLEAR the , RIGS typiCally do not Have a Removable , and come a joint directly attaches the to the BODY or of the Pieces.

Of course, so Many Glassy blowers, Foldable Silicones Shotie, and Even Keramika Piecess look lovely, There are NearLY Theendless for Cannabis lOVERs to Explore When it comes to Shotie. But now you know the Differredly a and a stem, Where to Youre pot, and Where to , you’re READY to hit the head SHOP and out Youre next Consume companion.

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101: A Guide to the Various Parts of a Bong

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