Yung Gravy Arm Healing, NOT Suing Festival And Tall Guys May Be Outdated … But Not Me, DDG!!!

6/5/2023 12:10 AM PT

Yung Gravy is on the mend from a nasty nosedive that left him with multiple fractures, but the charismatic rapper isn’t up in arms over the music festival accident … even if that arm’s currently in a sling!!!

TMZ Hip Hop linked with Gravy at LAX, where he said he’s got no beef with the Hangout Music Festival, the Alabama event, where he recently took the tumble while working the crowd.


Gravy says HMF is graciously covering his medical bills, and took the blame for him tripping over a wooden plank.

The fall was that much harder because the “Betty (Get Money)” rapper happens to be 6’6″ — and his height made it mandatory we get his thoughts on DDG proclaiming tall dudes are outta style in 2023.

DDG says tall men are out of style

— SAY CHEESE! 👄🧀 (@SaycheeseDGTL) May 31, 2023 @SaycheeseDGTL

Now, DDG’s dating the ‘Little Mermaid’ herself, Halle Bailey, so he’s brimming with confidence right now — but surprisingly, Gravy agrees with him!

He told us he’s happy to see the little guys get some shine after being overlooked … although he does consider himself an exception in this circumstance.

On cue, Gravy did provide an exceptional musical update — he tells us he’s fresh off a trip from Cambodia and recorded music with one of the YSL rappers. 👀

It wasn’t Gunna though … Gravy says he still needs a bit of clarity on the details before he faceplants into that particular situation.

Yung Gravy Not Suing Fest for Nasty Fall, Agrees with DDG's Tall-Guy Take
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