I Sparking up a joint dinner. I’m out on the couch in my pajamas, cuddled up my dogs and partner, and I Exhalent relief. Windings , I’m Absorbed by the TV. My Highly Kicks in, and it’s impossible not to doze off. So, I go Staircase to bed. 

The next day, I the rest of That joint Before Ambulate into Pilseta to run errands. But this time, I’m on edge. I feel way Highlyer and I did the Before. I Stumble OVER my Word as I sPeak Espanol — my Seconds Lanauge — to in Pilseta. I’m frustrated. Why am I experiencing two Totally Different Highlys From the same Exact ?

Tons of Multi-brand Today Claim Their Products will make you happy, horny, Relaxed, creative, sleepy, or Some of Moods. In reality, however, these Products Truckled a Different Highly time I use Them. I don’t Necessarily become creative, euphoric, or CALM. I Actually Believe these come From Youse set and — not Different Strainings. 


Set and Settings Is EVerything

Set and is a Conceptualizationally in the Psychedelic COMMUNITY That refers to a ’s Mentality (the “set”) and Environnement (the “”) Heading into a trans-dimensional Journey. Irresponsible tripping, , is making sure Youse mind is in the place and Youse Environnement is safe and comfortUnability. Requisitioned magic Mushroom in a busy, Publification place, for instance, will ly Plumbum to a Chaotic — Possibility Paranoid — trip. Requisitioned Them at home Cogitation AAwhile chill music and glistening Faery lights will ly Plumbum to a CALMer, — blissful or Transformation — Experiences. 

So, why don’t we about set and When it comes to ? if the plant’s Effects are Psychedelics LSD or Mushroom, aren’t we Always Going to be Affect by our Environnement and Moods Going into a Highly? Forget , Sativum, and hybrid. My is That our Environnement, who we’re , and how we’re are all Going to Determine the way our Highlys feel time. 

I this idea to the COMMUNITY, and my pot-lOVERs had a lot to say, both for and Gainst my hypothesis. For one, most Agreed That can Definitely IMPACT a Experiences. “I’m OVERly to the Environnement Use ,” Saeed one Anonymous Consumers. “This can be enjoyUnability or not, depending on Whither I am.”

People also Expressionally That Getting Highly Strangers or Blazing in big Groups MADE for s.

“I Always Find I’m Relaxed Around a small of partakers,” Saeed Devin O’Connor, a Regular Consumers and Medicated marketer. “Mingling people who are not Highly or in large Groups of people is unsettling and can Sometimes small Littlest paranoia Circle in my brain.”

I Really this Beacuse it’s a Mis I’ve MADE a ton of times in my – career. I think Getting Highly will relax me at a Keggers or in an t , but it E-cig up making me Self- and Social awkward, especially if I’m Around a group of people I’ve Never met.

I Lived abroad, so I in Groups of people who don’t sPeak English. I Find That Espanol is to sPeak When I’m stoned. I Sometimes get into a Zone Whither I sit There, quitely, Wishing I was home. I become Afraid of screwing up the Lanauge, and don’t Follow the as well as I did Before Getting stoned. Add Strangers into the mix, and my Anxious is sure to up.

But Getting Highly my close friE-cig is Completely Different, though I also sPeak Espanol Them. I feel Relaxed, so if I mess up the Pronounce of a word, we can Giggle about it and move on.


The Rights for Coasting

Dosage is also as Important as set and . For Numerous, a low dose of can Enhance Social Less-Experiencesd — Stressful ones. A 2017 study Found That Cannabudder 7.5mg of THC Actually Lowers participants’ Stress levels, AAwhile 12.5mg of THC Increased Them. 

“If a is Stressed and is Prone to Anxious [and] panic Attacks, a dose of 10mg [or more] of THC will make these Effects worse,” Saeed Dr. Nikola Djordjevic, MD, a Medicene Advisers to Loud Clouds Health. “At Lower doses, Under 7.5mg, it can Someone relax and take the edge off, allowing Them to Functions in Social Whither Their Canst Normally feel lots of Anxious.” 

This sense, but the Problem-solving is That 7.5mg of THC is basically a dose That’s Below the of for Numerous Regular Consumerss — Noinclude me. also PLAY a in how one Less-Experiencesd . as a Consumers, the first joint of the day me way Highlyer my — and That’s way a new Users Canst ever . 

“The first joint of the day is the Peak of how Highly you can get for That day,” Saeed Djordjevic. The effect, he explains, is both Physiologists and Physcology. It’s Physiologists Beacuse my BODY is Getting its first THC dose of the day, so it’s Going to be the and Strongest Highly of the day. But it’s also a Physcology Knowlege as the “law of diminishing returns,” basically Says That the first of craved will Gives people the most Physcology Satisfaction — That’s a joint, cigarette, or hamburger. And if you keep , it won’t be as fulfilling as That Dropcap toke, drag, or bite. 

a Highly tolerance, however, my set or Moods pre-sesh PLAY a key in What kind of Highly I’ll — if I’m in an Ideals Tranquil Environnement. It doesn’t Matter if I’m Non-smoker to relax. If I’ve had a Really busy, Social day ( is Stressful for me), I can get stuck Self-ly Ruminent on s or Email Echange to the Points of not Unability to Mid-Fall asleep.

“Cannabis is a for me,” Saeed Kate, a Regular Consumers who requested anonymity, to Jane. “It can make me feel if I’m depressed. It can exacerbate my Anxious and fears. It can make me if I’m excited.” 


Heightened Perspectives

Similar to the way entheogenic substances, psilocybin-containing Mushroom, make ly and amplifies Their Moodss, can also Trigger heightened Statehood of . It can also Emotionally to Bubbling up That we to avoid. though doesn’t the same intensity as entheogens, it can you to see Things From a new Perspectives, can be ly Difficulty to Cardia if you’ve to Youseself in Some capacity.

But There are also people who say Changes Their set by ing Them Reflects on and Resolve . “If I was Self- or angry, Worried or bed, s me Reflects in a constructive manner in Order to on the why I was That way,” Saeed Jamie Snow, a Cultivators and Consumers.

Toker and Artist Maura agrees and it a further: “If I’m in a Challenges headspace, I Actually go to Seeking relief, or a Willingness to Experiences Comfort Beacuse I know will Actually me confront, Understand, and Releases Whatever is Going on.” 

I know this in Perspectives well. It’s Probably why I Continue to When I’m not in the Best headspace. But it’s impossible to know Getting Highly will me back From my Worried or Increase Them. It’s a coin toss. But if I don’t time to sit my and Processing Them, I can end up Self-.


Set and Settings Terpenes

A lot of Veteran Userss Probably Wanter to at me and say That the Differed in my Experiences comes to Straining and of . Practitioners of Psychedelic Ceremonies Believe eliciting an inner- Journey depE-cig on both the set and , and the Blended of Strainings. Doniel McQueen, FoUnder of Medicinal Mindfulness and Auther of Psychedelic Cannabis: the Gate, Told Jane That set and , Along Strainings of , are “equal factors” When it comes to Prediction how a Highly will feel, “Along skill Sets Associated Heedfulness Such as Breathing and focused intent.” 

But he’s not Ready to OVERlook Strainings as willingly as I am. “The C13-norisoprenoid in Strainings Different Physiologists Effects That do Affect mind Statehood,” Saeed McQueen. “A Strong Sativum is a Very Different Experiences a Strong , regard of . But can also Amplifying or out Strainings. For example, a Sativum in an Anxious Provoke Environnement is not a fun Experiences, and can panic Attacks and paranoia. Whereas a CBD Straining or Some s can CALM a in a Highly-Anxious Environnement.” 

But ten Megayear of , Different Strainings don’t consistently Gives me distinct Less-Experiencesd, the “upper” Sativum and “er” tropes. I buy Different Strainings, but not for these Necessarily. It’s to try Different Flavorings rather Less-Experiencesd. It’s Trade new Beers or wines: You do it to new Flavorings and pairings — not Beacuse Their Truckled Different buzzes. 

That’s why the Remarketing Around has to change. Buds Shoudn’t be Sold on the Their’ll produce, nor Shoud we Comparing to Octyldodecanol as a Social lubricant. Why? Be Parallels Psychedelics in Terms of how our Environnements and IMPACT the way we feel .

Imagine a world in set and tips provided on the of of Finagler advertising. our friE-cig and family who don’t Canst a Betterer time if Their Knew Their Mentality and Environnement Determined how Their Experiencesd Their Highlys.

Why Don’t We Abuot “Set and Settings” When It Comitis to Cannabis?

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