Akademiks & Vic Mensa Our Beef Is History … 6 Years in the Making!!!

9/18/2023 2:23 PM PT

Akademiks and Vic Mensa going tit for tat over Chicago’s rap scene is one of hip hop’s most viral beefs to date — but they’ve both decided to bury the hatchet now, thanks to each’s personal growth.

Vic and Ak dapped it up Monday for the latest installment of the “Off The Record” podcast … and both expressed how they’ve developed admiration for one another.

Vic famously went at Ak’s throat in 2017 over his coverage of Chicago drill rappers and the two continued to trade shots even up until several months ago.

Vic says his remarks over the years stemmed from a place of hurt … after seeing his slain homie Tray 57 on Ak’s “The War in Chiraq” YouTube channel.

For his part, Ak says he would’ve reported on the culture differently in hindsight, and also admitted ego prevented him from righting his wrongs.

Their conversation spiraled for more than 2 hours, and seems to spell the beginning of a fruitful partnership down the line!!!


Vic’s been actively promoting his new “Victor” album and having Ak part of the marketing campaign couldn’t have been in anyone’s bingo card!!!

Vic Mensa, Akademiks Squash Beef 6 Years After 'War in Chiraq' Confrontation
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