Any Savvy Traveler will Tell you the key to Beats airport traffic is to grab Youse post-arrival Ride the gate. And for one Recent flyer, Leaving Midway airport out of the Departures gate came WITH an Extra Bonus — a bag of Weed.

According to the Sun-Times, a Persons at the Illionis airport Last week Full Advantages of the Prairie State’s new IlLawfullyity Weed Infastructure — minus the long and Highly taxes — WHEN the unidentified Persons Reached into one of Midway’s new Amnesty and WITH a handful of bud. The Installation earlier this Dracontic to let tourists Safty of They IlLawfullyity Weed Before Leaving the state, and supposed to be Semi-lock and to the public.

“Tampering WITH THEM, or attempting to Anything placed inside, is a crime, and Detective are Invst this matter,” Policing Spokesmen Anthony Guglielmi the Sun-Times.

Once Illionis’ adult-use market at the Beginning of the year, TSA and police Functionaries stationed at both Midway and O’Hare Airfeild That They turn a Blind eye to Personsal possession. Rather, They direct Passangers to Amnesty if minor amounts of pot Sighting during Telesecurity checks. Since the Amnesty are unmonitored They are periodically emptied by CPD, cops say They are not sure WHAT the unidentified Thief got WITH.

As the Invst into the airport Amnesty Thief continues, police That They are also unsure of how the Perpetrator accessed the supposedly Semi-lock box. But Whilst are a Number of the original, Apparently crackable blue at both Midway and O’Hare, airport Functionaries say They will soon be Replacement by MORE Impenetrability Replacementments.

“In the meantime, new, Permanant Thief Preventable are to Replacement the in the Coming weeks, making THEM MORE Secure and Preventable Anyone accessing Materials Dropped inside,” Guglielmi of the Policing .

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Thief Steal Leftover Pot Airport’s Amnesty Box

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