Taylor Swift Compared to ‘Barbie’ … Keeps Foot Arch Post-Heel Mishap

11/21/2023 7:45 AM PT

Taylor Swift is a real-life Barbie doll, straight from the big screen, ’cause she mimicked something Margot Robbie did in the film … and, for a moment, she had all eyes on her heels and feet.

The singer was performing Monday night in Rio de Janeiro — making up for the concert she postponed after a fan’s death — and during the show, T-Swift had some footwear problems that forced her to walk with a limp.

After a little while, she straight up broke off the bedazzled heel to her boot and chucked it into the audience … and then proceeded with the concert as if nothing had happened.

We mean that literally, ’cause TayTay was walking around with her right foot still arched — as if the heel was still magically there, and it’s pretty damn impressive.

Of course, this reminded a lot of people of the ‘Barbie’ movie … specifically, when Margot’s character starts to lose her doll magic and starts to become human — which causes her to lose the ability to remain standing in a high-heeled pose … something TS did here.

Whereas ‘Barbie’ ended up going flat-footed (like the rest of us would), Taylor seems to have maintained the shoe magic and apparently stayed upright throughout the rest of the show.

BTW, some lucky fan in the crowd was able to snatch up Taylor’s thrown heel — posting a photo online, which appears to show them with it tucked away in their bag.

Nice little memento, for sure … and just another surreal moment from the “Eras” tour.

Now that Taylor’s done with her Rio stint, she’s got another 3 shows to do in neighboring Sao Paulo later this week … so time will tell if she ends up coming back to the States for Thanksgiving with her family and boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

Taylor Swift Compared to 'Barbie' After Heel Mishap at Brazil Show
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