Shaun White, Toby Miller Medal-Worthy Snowboarding Tips … For Finneas!!!

3/22/2023 3:47 PM PT

Snowboarding stars Shaun White and Toby Miller took a break from shredding the gnar to share their knowledge with a newbie this week — Finneas — and by looking at footage of the lessons, he didn’t suck!!

The singer-songwriter/Billie Eilish‘s older bro and his actress girlfriend, Claudia Sulewski, hit the slopes with The Flying Tomato and his girlfriend, Nina Dobrev, while in Aspen this week … and it looked like a helluva time.

The “Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa” crooner only posted one clip from the training session, but he was able to keep his balance as he made his way down a gradual decline … with Miller spotting him from behind.

“Very ridiculous that my first time snowboarding ever I got to learn from Shaun White and Toby Miller but I am not complaining!!!” Finneas said on Instagram.

No word on if it was Claudia’s first time as well … but she also appeared to be in great spirits throughout the trip.

Finneas has a ton of Grammys and other awards in his trophy case … but is an X Games medal next??

Not quite … but we’re sure he can always borrow one from his buddies, Toby and Shaun.

Shaun White, Toby Miller Teach Finneas How To Snowboard
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