Rihanna & A$AP Rocky Hey World, Meet Riot Rose … It’s Family Photo Time!!!

9/19/2023 8:30 AM PT

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are doting new parents once again — proudly showing off their latest bundle of joy to the world … with one of the cutest photo shoots ever.

The musical power couple — who just welcomed their latest son, Riot Rose, in August — posed for some incredible shots at home … with both the new 1-month-old baby, and their other kiddo, RZA.

We gotta say, the Mayers look super happy and gotta be one of the best-looking crews in all of Hollywood.

Mama and Papa Bear definitely took a similar fashion theme. RiRi is sporting a royal-blue look — with the denim button-down — and dad’s got a pair of jeans on … with a splashy green flannel to bring it all together.

Young RZA was also wearing jeans, BTW … his whole getup is honestly freaking adorable.

As for Riot … let’s just say he’s giving his big bro a run for his money in the cuteness department. The proud parents had him swaddled up in a blanket — but underneath, the baby was decked out in a salmon-colored onesie.

Also worth noting, this is the first time we’re seeing Rihanna since she popped. It probably goes without saying — but she’s looking damn good.


Rihanna & A$AP Rocky Show Off Newborn Son for First Time in Family Shoot
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