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Quavo & Offset Fight Backstage at Grammys … After Quavo Blocks Him from Takeoff Tribute

2/6/2023 8:02 AM PT

There’s clearly still serious bad blood between Migos’ rappers Quavo and Offset following the death of Takeoff … and those emotions boiled over backstage at the Grammys into a physical fight.

Sources at the show tell us just before Quavo took the stage to perform his song “Without You” as a tribute to Takeoff during the “In Memoriam” segment of the show, he and Offset got into a physical fight and had to be pulled apart.


As for what led to it — we’re told The Grammys had asked Offset to be a part of the tribute, but Quavo refused to let him take part. We’re told Quavo blocked Offset from joining him on stage … leading to the melee.

Our Offset sources say it was Quavo who started the fight.

We should note — Quavo and Takeoff were extremely close at the time of Takeoff’s murder — Offset was on the outs with the group. Quavo’s “Without You” was a song he specifically wrote for Takeoff.

Nonetheless, people watching Sunday night’s show were disappointed to see it was clear there had not been a reconciliation between Quavo and Offset since Takeoff’s death.

Quavo and Offset Get into Fight Backstage at Grammys Over Takeoff Tribute
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