PnB Rock 80% To Blame For Own Death … Says Boskoe100

3/22/2023 11:51 AM PT

Reputed Inglewood rapper Boskoe100 is placing the blame on PnB Rock for his own murder … all because he failed to recognize the restaurant he was killed at was located in the middle of a danger zone.

The Philly rapper was shot and killed inside a Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in a sometimes-rough part of Los Angeles back in September 2022 … and Boskoe100 thinks PnB should’ve known that, comparing him to an amateur camper attempting to impress his girl in the wilderness, only to be eaten by wolves and bears.

Boskoe100 thinks PnB mistook his rapper status for street cred and the hood only sees rich artists as dangling carrots in the food chain.

LAPD arrested a family of three in connection with PnB’s murder shortly after the shooting … father/son duo Freddie Lee Trone Sr. and Jr. as well as Trone Sr.’s wife Shauntel Trone … but it was PnB’s girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheuang who was vilified online the most after she posted pics from inside the Roscoe’s shortly before the murder.

Going forward, Boskoe100 says rappers need to stop visiting random hoods in efforts to prove their hard and focus on their day jobs — making music!!!

PnB Rock Responsible For His Own Murder, Claims Rapper Boskoe100
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