Offset Laughs Off Nicki’s Hubby’s Threat … Y’all Outside, I’m ✈ Private

9/16/2023 10:59 AM PT

Nicki Minaj‘s husband and some goons were apparently waiting to see Offset outside somewhere on the streets of New York this week — but the man himself was up in air.

A pal of Kenneth Petty went live on IG Friday night — which, of course, was captured and reposted by the general public. In the lengthy clips, you can see him, KP and another man all standing on a sidewalk across the street from some building … calling out Offset.

Seems they thought he’d be leaving this place and planned on confronting him — evidenced in their ominous remarks in the videos. Kenneth, especially, looks ready for smoke.

Unclear exactly what this is all about — but some have speculated it might pertain to the VMAs, where Nicki and Cardi both performed … and where they may have even crossed paths. As we all know — they have an ugly, violent history between them

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) September 16, 2023 @BleacherReport

Unfortunately for Ken and co. … Offset never showed, and the reason for that is because he’s had a busy past 24 hours. On Friday, he was noticeably live streaming with a famous YouTuber out in Atlanta — and come Saturday morning, homeboy was in Colorado meeting HC Deion Sanders and raging with all the college kids ahead of the big game.

Offset hopped on social media upon touching down this AM, and he was kinda taunting the fellas who were curbside looking for trouble. Sounds like he finds the whole thing hilarious.

As he says in not so many words … I’m on a freakin’ jet, man. And I’m rich!

Offset Laughs Off Nicki Minaj's Husband's Apparent Street Threats
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