Matty Healy Plants Kiss on Concert Security … Good Looking Out, Guy!!!

6/4/2023 9:52 AM PT


No Taylor Swift, no problem for Matty Healy, who planted a kiss on a security guard right in the middle of his band’s Denmark concert.

The 1975 were cranking out their song, “Robbers” at the NorthSide Festival when their frontman, Matty, locked eyes with the guy who was standing watch Friday night near the front of the stage — and then, he gave the guard some lip action.

The security guard was definitely into it, and even came back for more. He didn’t get to double dip — sorry, guy … Taylor’s got a leg up on ya!

For the uninitiated, this is kinda Matty’s thing — he’s been known to kiss random concertgoers when they perform “Robbers” live.


Tik Tok/@brandeegaar

Of course, Matty’s romantic moves have been reserved for T-Swift lately. We’ve seen him attend several of her concerts … even hanging with Taylor’s dad during one.

Plus, Matty and Taylor have been on multiple dates around NYC, and in the recording studio.

Matty Healy Kisses Security Guard During His Concert
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