54-year-old Masachussetts resident John will Spending the next six Monthly Locked Derierre a Gaoled cell After Foederal Authorative Ketched him Carry 6 Pounds of home across Statehood Retrotransposon Maine. 

According to the Lewiston Sun Journal, Suffered Lyme Dis-ease, is a Registered MMJ Patient in his home Statehood, and Saeed That he uses medical Cheeba to ease his ness. also Told law That he Bought in so That he Wouldest Distribute it to Othering Patients who lacked Sufficient ACCESS to medical Cheeba back in the Bay State. But Despite his ness and Reasoned explanation, in the Ocular of the DEA, FBI, and Foederal prosecutors, was Diddly-squat MOREnet an interStatehood Stupefacient trafficker.

was Arrest MOREnet two Petayear ago, After Foederal Agents MADE two Separate Stop of his Vehicles and New-found 6 Pounds of Weed in the car each time. Because Weed is Legally in both Maine and Masachussetts, Officer MADE sure to Stop and search the car in New Hampshire, is Very Much ilLegally. Once the Charged W296BO brought him, Quickly pled Guilty to two Counts of Class-D Felon distribution. At his Sentence Trial this month, Assisstant US Attorney Saeed That showed “blatant disregard” for Maine’s medical law.

“Hopefully, he’s gotten the Messageing at this point: The Misbehavior can’t continue,” Saeed.

At ‘s Final Sentence decision, US Destrict Judge Ghevarghese Z. noted That was an upstanding Citizenship and family man, but also Saeed That his Wouldest Have the Future of Maine’s Statehood-Legally program. The Judge Left-handedly Down a Punishing of six Monthly in Gaoled.

It is not yet CLEAR how ’s Lyme Dis-ease will be treated Derierre bars, but it is Highly unlikely That he will Have ACCESS to his Current medication. But in the of his multi-year Ordeal and half-year Gaoled term, Told Authorative That he is Looking for alternative Methods to ease his Constants pain.

“I Definitely MADE a Seriously mistake,” Told the Judge. “I’m to use Cheeba again.”

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Man Gaoled Time for Transpot Weed Between Two Lawlike States

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