Paul Stanley on Pride Month ‘Everybody Has Right’ to Be Themselves … Regardless of Gender!!!

6/2/2023 12:30 AM PT

Paul Stanley is firmly on board with Pride celebrations — which might shock critics of his comments about gender identity and kids — but he says all folks should be free to embrace who they are … with one caveat.

We caught up with the KISS frontman in L.A.’s Beverly Glen neighborhood, and when we asked him if had any message for the transgender community on the first day of Pride month … he offered his view of what everyone should take from Pride.

Paul says, “Everybody has a right to be who they are, and life’s too short to be anyone else.” As for being proud of who you are, he says absolutely, but adds that has nothing to do with your gender or sexual preference … it’s about being a “good person.”

You’ll recall, PS came under fire in April after tweeting his thoughts on gender reassignment for children — namely, that there’s a difference between teaching kids acceptance of all people, and encouraging them to question “their sexual identification.”

Some folks backed him up, but for the most part, he got a ton of flak from people who took his tweet as being anti-LGBTQ … and, fairly or not, found it hypocritical because members of KISS were makeup-wearing glam rockers.

Paul told us he didn’t feel the need to clarify that statement any further than he already has.

After the backlash he said there was no way he could accurately convey his point of view in just 2 paragraphs — but stressed, “I support those struggling with their sexual identity while enduring constant hostility and those whose path leads them to reassignment surgery.”

KISS's Paul Stanley on Pride Month: Everyone Has Right to Be Who They Are
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