For over 4 years leafie has been publishing educational and entertaining content on cannabis, psychedelics and culture. In that time, we’ve built up a community of readers and followers who often turn to us for advice and information they can trust.

Sometimes, we get questions we can’t answer. Many times, we’re asked for advice about products, and more often we’re asked how people can support our journalism.

During the launch of leafie, we were clear as founders that we wanted our website to resemble a trustworthy glossy magazine. We wanted to content to look as good as it read. As a result, we’ve always been careful not to turn the website into another publication that is almost impossible to read because of ads, popups and videos.

We’ve been fortunate enough in that for most of our life, advertising and content partnerships have sustained our growth. The vision for leafie has always been much bigger than an online magazine, but realising goals in online media can be challenging. We’ve never wanted to beg for donations or make our content inaccessible through paywalls or subscriptions; quite often the people who need our content the most are the ones who can spare the least. So we’re always looking for ways we can push forward without impacting our readers. 

To continue our growth, we’re proud to launch the leafie store. We’ve collated some of the best products in cannabis consumption that we’ve personally tried and tested. In addition, we’ve been building a library of hard to find books that have inspired and educated us along the way. And, to help our community spread the word about leafie and the causes we support, we’ve been busy creating a collection of merchandise and apparel that we’ve already been proudly wearing at events over the course of this year. 

By buying a product from us, or recommending our store to a friend, you’re helping us financially support journalists and content creators who are shouting from the rooftops about cannabis and psychedelics. You’re helping us improve the experience of the website and ensure we can keep hosting vital educational content. What’s more, you’re helping us to reach a wider audience, change more minds and push for better access to the substances we all know can change lives.

The leafie store is just the first update in a plan in a step to put more great content in front of more people, and we hope you’ll support us. Simply buying a T-shirt, a book or your next vaporiser from our store not only helps us keep pushing forward but it gives you something brilliant in return.

We’ll be adding more products and more designs to our apparel range in the coming months. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thank you for your support so far.

Team leafie x

View the store here:

Introducing the leafie store

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