Grimes Check Out My New Ink … Full-Length Leg Tattoo

6/1/2023 5:24 PM PT

Grimes is showing off her new look … a tattoo in red ink covering her whole leg!!!

The singer and mother to two of Elon Musk‘s kids revealed her latest tattoo Thursday on social media … and it looks like she spent a lot of time in the tattoo parlor.

Grimes got the out-of-this-world design in red ink … and that tattoo stretches from her ankle all the way up to her thigh, covering most of her shin and a good amount of her knee.

Ya gotta imagine it was a pretty painful experience … but Grimes seems super pleased with the final results here.

It looks like Grimes got the tattoo done in Los Angeles, hitting up a tattoo artist named Daniela.

No word what Elon thinks of his ex‘s fresh ink … or their two kids for that matter.

Grimes Gets Full-Length Leg Tattoo In Red Ink
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