Welcome back to MERRY JANE’s Goods of the Month, a column where we highlight the staff’s favorite cutting-edge products, innovations, and updates in the world of weed. We smoke a lot of pot here — and we’re always itching to try the latest and greatest stuff that fits under the 420 umbrella.

This Sunday is Father’s Day (incase you forgot!), and we want show some love to dads who are down with the dank. First though, we want to emphasize something that troubles our staff: There are countless cannabis brands tailored to “marijuana moms” (sometimes glibly described as former “Chardonnay moms”), while there are noticeably less products that are explicitly marketed towards male-identifying parents. 

We believe this is due to the pervasive misogyny that seeps into every facet of American culture, and how women are stigmatized for using cannabis in ways that men do not face. Therefore, companies believe they need to peddle their products to femme folks in specialized or nuanced ways — while every other product is apparently acceptible for men? It’s weird, right? Why do we need to market cannabis in particular ways to women, especially mothers? It often feels patronizing and belittling — as if cannabis consumption were entirely different acts for men and women. 

Sure, there are male-targeted brands like Dad Grass, but the fact that such a company even exists speaks to how the cannabis landscape is still a gendered space with plenty of patriarchal baggage weighing it down. The idea that men consume cannabis — whether recreationally or medicinally — differently from femme-identifying people is flawed. Cannabis is for everyone, and it’s worth emphasizing that no two consumers will experience its wonders in the same way. To say that “dads will like this and moms will like that” is bullshit, and we do not want to perpetuate such a schism. 

As such, the following products were chosen because they rule no matter who you are — whether a mom, a dad, or someone who has kids but doesn’t identify with any particular gender label. Enjoy, and may your parents enjoy the pleasures of pot without being pigeonholed! 



Zig-Zag papers have a legacy. They’ve been around since the stone age! Just kidding. But, they have been around since 1879, making them the oldest rolling paper crew in the game. So, realistically, your ‘rents probably already know what Zig-Zags are.

What better gift to share this Father’s Day than a Zig-Zag OG Bundle, which contains a rolling tray, two different sized rolling machines, and papers. The name says it all, it’s designed, crafted, and pieced together with your pops in mind — the real OGs in your life! Nothing says I love you like the nostalgia that comes along with the Zig-Zag papers your pops started with.

For more info visit: zigzag.com


DaVinci Vapor:

If your dad likes flower and concentrates equally, you should treat him to a gift that offers the best of both worlds. The DaVinci IQ2 is a top of the line dry-herb vape that’s compatible with extracts, too. 

It’s cannabis technology at it’s finest, really. The IQ2 also comes with a handy array of accessories allowing you to choose how you want to vape. But, DaVinci offers more than just the IQ2. If your pops doesn’t smoke concentrates, you can give him the IQ, which is a dry-herb vape designed to enhance (and protect) the flavor of your product. The MIQRO, a compact dry-herb vape that’s designed for ultimate stealthiness, is another good option too!

For more info visit: davincivaporizer.com


GPen Roam

If you’re reading this, you’re probably cool. That means your dad is probably a G! Why wouldn’t you want to give him a gift worthy of his dankness? 

The G Pen Roam is exactly that. It’s an all-in-one portable vaporizer intuitively designed to provide water-filtered concentrate vaporization on-the-go. As we all know dad’s can be hilariously clumsy, especially when it comes to smoking accessories outside of their routine. Thankfully, the Roam features a spill-proof, self-contained borosilicate glass hydrotube. It’s also equipped with a Quartz tank, and a powerful 1,300mAh lithium-ion battery, the G Pen Roam heats to ideal puffing temperatures within seconds of activation to deliver smooth and flavorful draws with ease.

For more info visit: gpen.com


Puffingtons Golf Ball and One Hitter Golf Tee

Ever wonder why stoner dad’s love golf? It’s because putting around on the green is a perfect activity (and excuse) to puff the greens. You feel me?

If you’re looking for a dank gift to give your dad that not only supports his dopeness, but also ensures he remains stealth (and safe) while he plays stoned golf, look no further than this Puffington Golf Combo pack. Also called the “Pitch-N-Puff” combo back, the box comes with an imitation golf ball that your dad can stash his weed in. It also comes with a one-hitter pipe that looks like a golf tee.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably well-versed in cannabis. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to keep your pops safe and apprised of new gadgets that will help him fly under the radar while he puffs in public.

For more info visit: puffingtonsgolf.com


Moose Labs:

Did you know hemp smoke can deposit tar deeper into the lungs than cigarettes because of how it’s inhaled? 

That’s why the Moose Labs MouthPeace and MouthPeace filters are an ideal Father’s Day gift. These sanitary pieces and filters ensure your pops is getting the cleanest smoke, which ultimately is helping him preserve his lung and oral health. Made from biodegradable and recycled materials, the triple-layer activated carbon filters will sanitize smoke/vapor and enhance flavors by removing resins, toxins, and tar — all without blocking your intake or reducing airflow. 

For more info visit: mooselabs.us


Dip Devices

Does your dad like to dip? We’re not talking about chewing tobacco — we mean vape the good shit with a high end vape accessory.

EVRI by Dip Devices is the easiest, most versatile way to enjoy cannabis concentrates at home or on-the-go. No need for a torch and rig. EVRI fits in the palm of your hand, making it handy and discreet, allowing your pops to stay low pro. Whether your dad is an experienced dabber or new to concentrates, EVRI is an ideal device for those who dig the power of concentrates. 

For a limited time, get 15 percent off EVRI or anything from Dip Devices by using the discount code: DAD15.

For more info visit: dipdevices.com


Canna Comforts

We got to keep our dad’s healthy, safe, and feeling good. It’s our priority as their children. Even if your pops doesn’t want to get high, cannabis without THC can still be a great option for helping him manage his overall wellbeing. Canna Comforts raw hemp flower is a steller option to help him achieve exactly that. 

Canna Comforts was actually formed to help those in need of an all-natural, but effective alternative to prescription drugs. One of the company’s founders battled cancer and found that cannabinoids from industrial hemp were the best solution to help him get through chemotherapy and back to living a normal life, all while staying level headed. All their products are over the counter and never require a prescription or medical card. Another good way to keep your dad healthy and safe. 

For more info visit: cannacomforts.com


Farmer and the Felon Cannabis Co.

Weed is a gift from the Universe. That’s why it will always be a reliable present. Nothing says “I love you” or “let’s be friends” or “I’m sorry for all the bullshit I put you through in high school” more than giving someone cannabis.

Farmer and the Felon Cannabis Co. is a flower line brought to you by the Last Prisoner Project. The nugs are plump, tasty, aromatic, and deliver a high that makes you feel good even after you’ve come down. A portion of the proceeds for every purchase goes towards freeing non-violent cannabis offenders form prison. It’s the best bang for your buck — not only are you giving your pops a great gift, you’re also giving your money to the most important issue in cannabis. So, while a bouquet of roses might not be an ideal Father’s Day gift for your dad, getting your pops a skunky bouquet of “flower” is a totally different story.

For more info visit: farmerfelon.com



Does your dad have to hide his smoking habits? If that’s the case, you have to get him NSNT odor eliminating spray. It completely neutralizes all cannabis smells in the air! It also can help remove weed smells from water-safe fabrics such as clothing, blankets, curtains, and carmets. So, if your pops knocks over his bong and the stanky water seeps into the carpet, NSNT can help clean up the scene of the crime. 

Unlike most air fresheners on the market, NSNT is not a masking agent. It doesn’t try to hide the odor by disguising it or replacing it with another scent ( which is truly a recipe for nasty headache). All you need is one spray of NSNT to eliminate all cannabis related smells, leaving no scent in its tracks. Help keep dad’s smoking rituals under wraps!

For more info visit: nsntspray.com


Smoke Proper

When was the last time your dad upgraded his grinder? Does your dad lose his lighter and then take yours? Does he have a rolling tray, or does he roll joints on the table and leave a trail of shake in his wake? Smoke Proper offers all the tools your dad needs to keep his weed game organized.

They’ve also got a dope sale going on. Everything is 40 percent OFF this Father’s Day at SmokeProper.com. They also specialize in on-the-go containers that fit everything you need to smoke, roll, and store your custom length joints. That way you and your pops can roll up something special.

For more info visit: Smokeproper.com


The Dart Co.

The best thing about one-hitters is that they’re inherently sneaky. You can put them in your pocket and whip ‘em out while you’re out for a discreet high. So, if you’re father isn’t someone who likes to smoke joints out in the open, a Dart Co. DART might be the gift for him.

The DART is a Los Angeles based brand that’s reinvented the one hitter. Their signature DART and canister delivers a quick and efficient smoking experience. It’s easy to use, discreet, and allows for controlled dosing. Give your pops the gift of microdosed puffing.

For more info visit: thedartco.com


Rose Los Angeles: Cannabis-Infused Rose Delights

Tasty, discreet, and elegant — these 5mg edibles will appeal to the epicurean consumer. Rose’s cannabis-infused “Delights” are made with single-strain flower rosin that’s “meticulously pressed in-house.” They’re gluten-free, vegan, and taste as luxurious as they look. 

One box features 20 servings of these potent lil gems, meaning they can satisfy a whole dinner party — or keep a single consumer satisfied for weeks on end (well maybe days, depending on your tolerance). You may be tempted to eat a handful, but be warned: the rosin is real strong, and your “Delight” could turn to “Dread” unless you start low and go slow!

For more info visit: roselosangeles.com

This was made in collaboration with Dart Co., Moose Labs, ZigZag, GPen, Dip Devices, DaVinci Vapor, Smoke Proper, NSNT, and CannaComforts

Father’s Day 2020: Ganja Gifts for Dads Who Love the Dank

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