CeeLo Green Horse Entrance Meant To Be Funny … I Love All Animals!!!

3/24/2023 12:00 PM PT

CeeLo Green is responding to backlash over his horseback entrance to a birthday party … he says the idea was all in fun, and he meant no ill intent towards the horse.

The singer broke his silence Friday after being dragged for the horse incident, explaining … “I felt like it could be fun and funny to make a grand entrance on this beautiful animal for a very special occasion.”

Courtesy of Willie Ross

Remember … CeeLo rode into Wednesday’s party on a horse, with the animal looking nervous around all the lights and partygoers, jolting around and slipping on the tile floor … causing the horse to buckle and sending CeeLo crashing to the ground.

PETA came out strong against CeeLo … telling us, “It doesn’t take a genius to know that horses don’t belong at a noisy, crowded party, where slippery floors and strobe lights can agitate these vulnerable animals.”

CeeLo says he was just trying to show love to his late friend Shawty Lo — the party was in Shawty’s honor — and he’s chalking it up to his sense of humor.

CG claims he “went through all the proper channels to make that happen with no ill intent towards the animal.” But he admits, “It should’ve been short and sweet but some malfunctions happened and it is what it is but know that I’m ok and yes the horse is ok as well.”

Despite getting dragged online, CeeLo says it’s just another day in his life.

CeeLo Green Tries to Defend Riding Horse into Shawty Lo Birthday Party
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