Cardi B On Camera Breaking Up Quavo & Offset During Grammy Night Fight

2/7/2023 6:51 AM PT


Cardi B got roped into Offset and Quavo‘s fight backstage at the Grammys — and part of her attempt to break it up was caught on video.

Entertainment Tonight obtained footage of Cardi shouting at 2 people — her husband and his cousin/former rap pal, and you can clearly hear her screaming … “Both of y’all’s wrong! This is not right!!!”


She goes on to address someone specific in tense terms … “No bitch, shut the f*** up ’cause you shouldn’t have been talking.” It’s unclear who CB was referring to there.

Afterward, she came back and talked to an ET reporter … who straight up asked her if she was back there settling some stuff. Cardi brushed it off, saying the only thing she settled was her outfit. Unfortunately for her and for Offset, the whole brouhaha was on camera.

What tf look like fighting my brother yal niggas is crazy

— OFFSET (@OffsetYRN) February 6, 2023 @OffsetYRN

This simply confirms what TMZ first reported … a fight broke out backstage between Quavo and Offset, which multiple witnesses tell us was initiated by Quavo. Offset tried downplaying our story, tweeting out what seemed like a denial.

We had been assured by several sources on this, however, and now … even more evidence the ex-Migos members did clash shortly before Quavo performed his tribute to Takeoff.

Cardi B Caught On Video Trying to Break Up Quavo, Offset Fight at Grammys
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