Sam Asghari I Want To Act In a Britney Flick … Maybe Action Comedy!!!

3/23/2023 4:12 PM PT

Sam Asghari wants to star in a movie opposite Britney Spears … and he thinks they would be the perfect fit for an action comedy.

We got Sam at LAX on Thursday and he was just getting back home from filming a project … so naturally our photog asked him if he would ever want to act with his wife.

Sam says Britney’s a great actress and he for sure wants to team up with her on the big screen … and it sounds like he’s already got some ideas for potential projects.

Britney obviously loves to dance, and Sam thinks her natural athletic ability makes her the perfect candidate for an action comedy … which he seems to prefer over a rom-com.

The way Sam envisions it … he and Britney could both do their own stunts, and he’s seeing lots of action and fight scenes where they both kick some serious ass.

But before the perfect script comes along, Sam says Britney’s excited about visiting him on his current film set … he says he’s in L.A. during a break in filming.

With Amanda Bynes under a psych hold one year after her conservatorship ended, Sam was also asked his feelings on conservatorships in general, seeing as Britney was under a conservatorship for 13 years … and he didn’t hold back in his opposition.

Britney Spears' Husband Sam Asghari Says He Wants To Act In Movie With Her
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