Bobby Shmurda Rap’s So Trash Now … I Only Jam it in Clubs!!!

6/5/2023 1:33 PM PT

Bobby Shmurda is distancing himself and his ears from today’s generation of rappers … claiming to only catch wind of new hip hop music when he’s out partying in the club.

The Brooklyn MC got real candid firing off his anti-rap opinions on a recent appearance on “The Danza Project” podcast, where he called out the gamut of today’s rappers for leading younger listeners astray with exaggerated narratives of their gangster tales.

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Bobby says hip hop is supposed to uplift people, not influence negativity, so he actively stopped following the culture, and chooses instead to bump reggae these days.

He says his connection to rap has been lost to the point that a popular new rapper could diss him on a song, and he would be oblivious to the whole thing!!!

Bobby isn’t alone in his thinking there are too many dark clouds hanging over the rap scene these days.

TMZ Hip Hop recently caught up with Ty Dolla $ign and he told us his upcoming dance EP is a direct counterattack to what he calls a negative music overload.

What’s odd about Bobby’s hot take is that his own catalog features some less-than-happy-go-lucky tracks.

His last released single, titled “Rats,” promised to give snitches a lot more than stitches. C’mon, Bobby, where’s the positivity in that?!?

Bobby Shmurda Says Rap Sucks So Bad Now, He Only Listens in the Club
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