Over 9,000 Californians Just Got Their Marijuana Convictions Erased Forever


Santa Clara County in California just cleared the criminal records of over 9,000 people convicted for low-level, nonviolent marijuana crimes. Altogether, the move wiped out roughly 11,500 charges, meaning the convictions will no longer appear on these individuals’ background checks.  “Too many people who have committed low-level offenses and paid their debt to society remain…

Trump Administration Secretly Blocked US Weed Research for Years, Memo Shows


The Trump administration believes that the DEA’s 50-year-old program for growing federally licensed marijuana is illegal. At least, that’s what a “secret” memo released to the public this week claims. The memo’s existence also explains why scientists who’ve tried to apply for an Obama-era weed cultivation program have made zero headway over the past three…

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